My Foreign Twin – Dialog through Something in Common

Einheimische und Flüchtlinge treffen sich in Konstanz
Photos: Café Mondial e.V.:Andreas Sauer   
The special feature of the project is that it is not searching for a solution to a problem; instead, the project simply brings people together. They are given the opportunity to meet and get to know each other, because there are some fears of interacting on both sides.
Einheimische und Flüchtlinge kommen als fremde Zwillinge zusammen
As part of two meetings in the fall of 2016, 26 "twins" met and had discussions about their lives:
Teilnehmer von mein fremder Zwilling im Stuhlkreis
Where were they born? What paths had their lives taken to that point? How do they celebrate their holidays? What motivates them? What are their hopes and dreams?
Zwei Frauen im Gespräch
"Two 17-year-old boys got along really well from the very beginning. Two women in their 60s noticed that their lives had a lot in common, for example their experiences of becoming mothers, losing their husbands, and struggling through existential crises. In spite of their differences, they had very similar significant experiences in their lives," explains project manager Harald Kühl.
Einheimische und Flüchtlinge tauschen Selbstporträts aus
The next steps for the project organized by Café Mondial Konstanz e.V. will involve a documentary, a photography exhibition, and a poster campaign in Constance. This is how the thought-provoking message of the twins will be transmitted: where we were born is pure happenstance - but it is one that plays a decisive role in shaping our lives!