SINGA Deutschland

Einheimische und Flüchtlinge treffen sich durch SINGA Deutschland
Photo: SINGA Deutschland 
In order to establish a new life in Germany, refugees require contact to people who have been living in Germany for a longer time. This helps the refugees to learn German and create a social network for themselves. This network can also help them get a professional start. An apprenticeship or a job is important to truly be accepted – both socially and economically - in a society.
Einheimische und Flüchtlinge treffen sich durch SINGA
Photo: SINGA Deutschland 
SINGA Deutschland brings together refugees and locals who have similar professional skills and interests. There is a desire for contact on both sides of the interaction.
Gruppenbild bei SINGA Deutschland
Photo: SINGA Deutschland:Ralph Pache 
"Many mentors have told us that they often learn more than the person they mentored. Through the SINGA program, they came to realize how closed off the labor market often is, and they are now committed to advocating more-open structures in their own companies," says Luisa Seiler, cofounder of SINGA Deutschland.
Mentor und Mentee bei SINGA Deutschland
Photo: SINGA Deutschland: Max Power 
In addition to professional mentoring, SINGA offers weekly speaking meetings where German speakers and refugees come together and learn the other respective language. The comprehensive approach also includes monthly events where refugees and locals get together - sometimes for an evening filled with stories, perhaps a musical jam session, or to cook together.
Gruppentreffen und Netzwerken bei SINGA
Photo: SINGA Deutschland 
All the activities are organized together, which not only creates face-to-face dialog, but the active participation in the organization is their first step towards active participation in society.