News Overview 2016

We Have Lost a Dear Friend and Valued Adviser

Karl Dedecius
Born on May 20, 1921, in Lodz; passed away on February 26, 2016, in Frankfurt am Main

Karl Dedecius was one of the most significant and inspiring partners the Robert Bosch Stiftung ever worked with in the promotion of international relations. This is true since the German–Polish Relations focus area was initiated in 1974 and, in particular, after Dedecius founded the Deutsches Polen-Institut. Together we developed The Polish Library, the German–Polish translator prizes that are named after Dedecius himself, and numerous other initiatives for authors, translators, journalists, and artists. He was a genius with words and possessed a vast knowledge of the cultures of both Germany and Poland. As such, he was able to become one of the most important intermediaries between the people of these two central European countries. With him, an era of German–Polish relations comes to an end. However, the bridges that he set down in writing and his humanistic legacy will help the German and Polish people to understand one another better – today and in the future. We are deeply thankful for his contributions.

He will be missed.

For the Board of Trustees
Dr. Kurt W. Liedtke

For the Board of Management
Uta-Micaela Dürig
Prof. Joachim Rogall