December 2016

Engaging with Ukraine

In order to return to a life of peaceful coexistence, the people in Ukraine need a strong civil society - and the attention of the West. The training program Ukraine Calling helps German participants to establish contacts within the country. They organize youth encounters, strengthen minorities, and support independent journalists.
Ein Blick in das magazin frieden

The Magazine "Peace"

Conflicts worldwide are increasing, in both number and intensity. To achieve peace, we need to do more than just put down guns. People need to feel that they live in a safe and just society. What can a single person contribute to peace? In our new magazine we present projects and introduce you to people who commit themselves to a peaceful coexistence in very different ways.

German School Award 2017

20 schools are competing for the German School Award 2017. The jury selected them on the basis of extensive application documents. In the coming weeks, the jury is going to visit the schools and nominate the best of them for the award ceremony with Chancellor Angela Merkel on May29, 2017.

"There Can Never Be Too Many Foundations!"

Eva Madelung can look back on an eventful life. Robert Bosch’s youngest daughter has worked as a family therapist, published several books, and started the foundation today named the Heidehof Stiftung. She is celebrating her 85th birthday on December 10, 2016. The video profile tells us more about her philanthropic activities, her childhood during the Nazi regime, and her relationship with her father.

Getting to Know and Understand India

Journalist Fabian Kretschmer (left) spent three months in India as a participant in a program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. In an interview, he talks about the first female bus driver in Delhi, the status of freedom of the press in India, and why national stereotypes are sometimes a necessary evil.
Martin Roth und Herfried Münkler

The Fatal Need for Small-Scale Spaces

How German are the Germans? Political scientist Herfired Münkler and curator Martin Roth addressed this question at the event series “Theater x Reality” in Stuttgart. Both did not want to speak of a dominant culture but instead spoke up for liberality and a post national understanding of being German.

How Cities Are Shaping China’s Future

In hardly any other country, urbanization is progressing as fast as in China. A study conducted by the World Bank concludes that by 2030, around 70 percent of the Chinese population will be living in cities - more than a billion people. How can this development be human and sustainable? A panel discussion within the series "Engaging with China".
Kinder beim Verein Allerhand in Qualitz

A Fresh Breeze in the East

With unconventional ideas the Land Reclaimers shape their environment and enhance the local population’s living conditions. 20 new projects have now started in Eastern Germany and strengthen the civil society in rural areas. In a new think tank the Land Reclaimers take it one step further.
November 2016

"Islamic Affairs Consultants to Become an Institution"

What can be done when every call to prayer from the muezzin is followed by a complaint about disturbing the peace? For two years, communities have been able to call Hussein Hamdan in instances like these. Hamdan is an Islamic Affairs Consultant and mediates between communities and their Muslim populations. In an interview, he takes stock and reports on what is next.

"The Next Logical Goal Is the Moon"

The former astronaut Thomas Reiter thinks that, realistically, humans will land on Mars in around 20 years. "But the next logical goal is the moon," Reiter explained in Stuttgart. After all, the outbound trip alone to Mars would last seven months.

Promoting Talents, Giving Opportunities

In Germany, the educational success of young people is still too often dependent on the socioeconomic status of their parents. School students from disadvantaged families constantly lag far behind their possibilities. Therefore we support gifted, devoted and socially involved 7th- to 12th-graders to work towards their school-leaving examination.

How Diverse Living in Old Age Can Be Achieved

The "LebensPhasenhaus" in Tübingen has been awarded the 2016 German Senior Citizens' Awards. At the award ceremony in Berlin, the residential project received the main prize worth EUR 60,000. The "LebensPhasenhaus" enables its residents through technical and social innovations to live independently in old age.

How Good School Works

What is a good school? The German-language handbook "Gute Schule" (Good School) gives insights from scientists and experts on good school practice based on the ten years of experience of The German School Award and its six quality areas.
Sterne Deutschland und USA

Commitment in Times of Change

The US has elected a new president. Will German-American relations change? For more than thirty years, the Robert Bosch Stiftung has been actively working to strengthen transatlantic relations and will continue to expand this commitment in times of change.
October 2016

Events at Frankfurt Book Fair

From October 19 - 23, authors and publishers are presenting their latest works at the Frankfurt Book Fair. We cordially invite you to go along with our border crossers on literary discovery trips to Morocco, Hungary, and China. Or go back with us in the time when the Netherlands were still colonial masters in Indonesia.

Maghreb Urban Development

The way people in Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia live and work in the future is determined mainly by the cities. Urban development is therefore of particular importance. In the Tunisian town of Sousse, participants from the Baladiya project met to discuss issues of coexistence, democracy, and participation.

"Democratization is not an All-Use-Medicine"

Terrorism is not a problem of individual countries anymore and crosses national borders. How will transnational terrorism change in the next years and what can be done against it? Young leaders deal with this issue in the dialog forum "Global Governance Futures" and develop future scenarios.

China's Civil Society Under Pressure

Next year China will introduce a new law on the regulation of foreign NGOs. Observers fear that this could further aggravate the situation for NGOs in the country. In Berlin, experts discussed the contents and possible effects of the law - "regulated playing field" or "expulsion of unpleasant actors"?
Senioren in der Wohnküche

The Best Ideas for Diverse Living in Old Age

In Germany, most people want to be able to live independently for a long time. Seven initiatives that have been nominated for the 2016 German Senior Citizens’ Awards demonstrate how this can be achieved in old age. They examine new ways of living together that also take the diversity of our society into account in old age.

What Kind of City Do We Want to Live in?

Berlin and Beijing, Bonn and Chengdu, Essen and Changzhou. Partnership agreements are in place between more than 100 German and Chinese cities. At the invitation of the Foundation, "city makers" from both countries met in Berlin to share ideas about how they can work together to develop livable cities.
September 2016
Website mit den Reportagen

Saluti dalla Puglia - Greetings from Southern Italy

Southern Italy is rich in sun, fish, and olives, but poor in perspectives: every second young person under 25 is unemployed. A region without future? Eleven young journalists of Zeitenspiegel Reportageschule traveled to Apulia to get an idea of the situation. They met young Italians who have found their way through.

Workshop for Digital Learning

How can digital media enrich school lessons? At the start of the Forum on Digitizing Education, we are seeking schools that have already started changing their institutional and learning culture through the use of digital media. They can share their experiences and learn from one another at a workshop.

Determination to Graduation

Fair starting conditions for young people – independent of their background and social status. The Robert Bosch Stiftung and Joachim Herz Foundation help make this a reality with their fellowship program "grips gewinnt." Every year, 110 new students are supported on their journey to finishing their high school diploma or equivalent.

German-Russian Anti-Corruption Projects

The battle against corruption is an important topic in Russia. Its success depends largely on the extent to which the principle of “good governance” can be implemented in everyday administrative practice. The state capital Stuttgart carried out a pilot project at the Russian City of Otradnyj.
Aufführung in Ruanda

Acrobatic Dialog on Violence

On a dusty place hundreds of African children, youth and adults are standing in front of a wooden stage. They see a group of young Cambodians performing a play about the genocide by the Khmer Rouge. With acrobatics and dance, a dialog on violence and genocide in both countries starts.

Civic Engagement Requires Leadership

Associations are the most important type of organization for volunteer work. To remain attractive, they need openness toward fresh ideas from the outside and more contemporary organizational structures.
Bellevue Stipendiaten beim Bundespräsidenten

How Can We Strengthen Social Cohesion in Europe?

Federal President Gauck hosted the fellows of the Bellevue Programme in Berlin. The young executives from the highest national agencies will work in the administration of a European partner country for a period of one year. They embody and will shape collaboration in Europe. What do they think of the current EU crises caused by the Brexit referendum and increased immigration?
August 2016

Experiencing the Meaning of Europe

Many young people from the Western Balkans have never been abroad, they only know their neighboring countries and the EU from recounts. With the program "Travel to Europe", they get to know Europe first-hand - abstract ideas about European social cohesion become personal experiences.

"You Are the Present and Future of the Balkans"

How appealing is the EU in times of crises to countries of the Western Balkans? During a discussion, 120 students from the Balkans agreed with politicians, academics, and media representatives: joining the EU would have many advantages for the countries - and for them personally as well. Starting in Berlin, the students now travel through the countries of the EU for the first time.

2015 Annual Report

Seldom before have external events had such a drastic effect on the working environment of the Foundation and shown us so clearly that - in order to achieve the desired societal relevance and impact - we have to continuously adapt our strategy to the changing conditions. Read our annual activity report about important developments and progress in our project work.
July 2016

On Europe, the Integration of Refugees, and Societal Solidarity

"We now have to integrate those refugees who in part can and want to stay here into our lives, our society, and also work towards the acceptance from critical citizens," said Uta-Michaela Dürig, Chief Executive Officer of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, in a key note at the summer reception of the Verband Region Stuttgart.

"I Work With Borders and Also Against Them"

For poet Uljana Wolf a dictionary is just as exciting as a crime thriller. Her literary works spins different languages around and questions seemingly distinct identities. During the Reading in the Park, the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize Winner talked about her work and how the world is formed by language.

No Looking Back – China Would Rather Forget the Cultural Revolution

It started with an orgy of violence – 50 years ago Mao Zedong initiated the "Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution". The effects can still be seen in today’s politics. At the event series "Engaging with China" authors and scientists discussed how the revolution is interpreted and remembered today in China.

Bosch Forms an Alliance Against Cancer

The Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Robert Bosch Hospital (RBK), and the Bosch Group are joining forces to fight cancer. The alliance’s core elements are the newly established Robert Bosch Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen (RBCT: Robert Bosch tumor center) and the planned alliance with the Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum (DKFZ: German center for cancer research).

Social Entrepreneurs Against Unemployment

With their business ideas, they give the unemployed job prospects and create social value: at a final meeting in Brussels, social entrepreneurs from across Europe have presented their ideas for combating unemployment and have shown how they have successfully brought these ideas to southern Europe.

Priorities for Foundations Moving Forward

Foundations increasingly take on larger roles in finding solutions to social matters. Not only in Europe but especially in Asia and America as well. The white paper "Funding in the 21st Century. Trends and Priorities in the Foundation Sector" outlines five priority areas for the future of foundations.

Justice of the Federal Constitutional Court

Professor Christine Langenfeld has been a member of the Expert Council of German Foundations on Integration and Migration since it was founded. In 2012, she became its chairperson and made a significant contribution toward positioning the Expert Council as a voice in policy consultation for the area of integration and migration. The German Bundesrat has now elected Langenfeld as a constitutional judge. (Photo: SVR/David Ausserhofer)

Migration: An Exception or the Rule?

"Right now, our societies have to be prepared for continued migration and develop strategies to make the best of the situation," says political scientist and best-selling author Professor Herfried Münkler. He spoke at the opening of the series "flight and societal solidarity" at the Robert Bosch Stiftung.
June 2016

Strengthening Inclusion Right from the Start

The willingness to voluntarily work with refugees has never been as great as it currently is, new initiatives in Germany are set up more quickly than ever. A chance but also an enormous challenge for the sector of civil society. How the work for and with refugees can succeed was the focus of the symposium "integration means participation".

A Chinese Student as the German Chancellor

If you want to understand another culture, you have to put yourself in the other people’s shoes. It’s this idea that fellows of the Robert Bosch Lectureship Program had in mind when they simulated government consultations between China and Germany with students from both countries. How does a Chinese student feel as a German chancellor?

An Indian View of Germany

Are topics from Germany interesting for Indian journalists? G. Sampath from the Indian newspaper The Hindu is spending a three month stay in Germany. In the interview, he tells how the German and Indian media landscapes differ and why he finds the topic of refugees fascinating.

The Magazine "Solidarity"

The various groups in our society can come together or drift apart. At the moment, we can see this happening with the topic of refugees but solidarity affects us in ways that go beyond the refugee question. No matter in which area, we always need people who push for solidarity. You will learn about some of these dedicated individuals in this magazine.

China’s Media - the Government’s Mouthpiece?

At the Global Media Forum high-ranking media experts from China, Germany and the US discussed the role of media between state-run PR, propaganda, and international relations. The debate became controversial when the question rose whether public diplomacy and propaganda can be distinguished in China.

"Diseases Do Not Know National Borders"

Diseases, terrorism, data security - many challenges cannot be solved on a national level anymore. During the dialog forum Global Governance Futures, young professionals from Germany, USA, China, Japan, and India talked about global problems and developed scenarios for the future.
Gewinner Deutscher Schulpreis

2016 German School Award

"Putting wings on learning!" This is the slogan of the German School Award. The award was launched to honor educational achievements and help make them usable to improve the quality of schools all over Germany. 2016 winner of the main award, which is endowed with 100,000 euros, is "Grundschule auf dem Süsteresch" in Schüttorf.

Media Forum China - Germany

German and Chinese media representatives met in the ancient Chinese imperial city Xi'an and discussed about current political issues and specific challenges of the media industry. During a three-day study tour the German participants got a look behind the scenes of the archeological research center of the terra-cotta army and tested modern electric cars.
May 2016

Answering Hate with Humor

In online commentary sections when it comes to emotionally charged topics like refugees and asylum, you often find hardened fronts and insults that are full of hate - so called hatespeech. How can you react to that? At the TINCON, the first festival for digital youth culture, youngsters and YouTubers found an answer: with humor.

How to Overcome Otherness and Fear

At the discussion series “Theater x Reality” in Stuttgart author Feridun Zaimoglu and Lord Mayor of the city of Ludwigsburg Werner Spec discussed „Germans between Welcome Culture and Fear“. They agreed that when it comes to integration, the pivotal facor is not big politics.

United World College’s First Year Pioneers Graduate

102 students from 71 countries all over the world came to Freiburg two years ago to study at Germany’s first United World College. The first year students have now successfully graduated. Their plans for the future: study in the United States, carry out volunteer work or do their bit in their home countries.

Homage to a Longtime Friend

The recently deceased Karl Dedecius appreciated and utilized cultural diversity as a builder of bridges between Poland and Germany. His legacy seems more relevant than ever in today's Europe. On the occasion of his 95th birthday on May 20, 2016, he was honored with a tribute event.

START - Create Cultural Change

Affected by economic restraints, the cultural fabric in Southern Europe is changing. While established cultural institutions in Greece struggle for funds and audiences, a new generation of cultural managers is evolving. Defying uncertainty and limited job perspectives, they set on a quest to start their own creative ventures. START is a program that empowers these next generation cultural managers in Greece.

10 Years German School Award

"Putting wings on learning!" This has been the slogan of the German School Award (Der Deutsche Schulpreis) for ten years. The award was launched by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Heidehof Stiftung in 2006 to honor educational achievements and help make them usable to improve the quality of schools all over Germany.

Theodor Heuss Medal for a Novel Refugee Accommodation

Grandhotel Cosmopolis in Augsburg is at the same time a hotel, refugee accommodation, and an artistic workshop - in other words, an innovative residential and social project. This "grand hotel" enables people to meet, get to know each other, and share their experiences.
April 2016
Fellow Tolu Oni auf dem Next Einstein Forum

Africa in the Scientific Spotlight

Will the next Einstein come from Africa? Many young African scientists only wait for their turn to take the global scientific stage. A first opportunity to do just that was the Next Einstein Forum of the Robert Bosch Stiftung because in order to unfold the scientific potential of the continent, Africa needs more than clever minds.

Holocaust Survivor Esther Bejarano Raps Against Right-Wing Extremism

Esther Bejarano survided the concentration camp in Auschwitz. At the UWC Robert Bosch College she met with students from all over the world and read from her biography. The 91-year-old impressed the students with her positive attitude and her rap against rightist movements.

Research for Sustainable Energy Policies

Today’s global economy is based on the overuse of natural resources. The economist Dr. Oliver Schenker develops models that give developing countries the opportunity to establish sustainable energy systems. With the Robert Bosch Junior Professorship "Sustainable Use of Renewable Natural Resources" the Foundation provides him with one million Euro over five years for his research.

Forum "Enabling Integration - Strengthening Solidarity"

The Federal President of Germany and the Robert Bosch Stiftung host the forum "Integration ermöglichen - Zusammenhalt stärken" (Enabling Integration - Strengthening Solidarity) and discuss the integration of refugees with experts, scientists, politicians, and volunteers.
Robert Bosch Expertenkommission zur Neuausrichtung der Flüchtlingspolitik

Proposals for a Realignment of Refugee Policy

The Robert Bosch Expert Commission to Consider a Realignment of Refugee Policy presents its final report after one year. In the report the representatives of politics, economy, and society draw up concrete proposals that address current needs and help politicians in a neutral advisory capacity.

The 2016 German School Award Nominees

"Putting wings on learning!" This is the slogan of the German School Award (Der Deutsche Schulpreis), which was launched by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Heidehof Stiftung to honor educational achievements and help make them usable to improve the quality of schools all over Germany. The jury nominated 14 schools for the 2016 prize-giving in Berlin.
March 2016

At Home in Any Language

In the history of the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize only three outstanding personalities were awarded an honorary endowment. One of them was Imre Kertész who was not only recognized for his great literary works but also his translations and his commitement to the international exchange of literature.

The Next Einstein Will Come from Africa

The Robert Bosch Stiftung highlighted Africa’s research potential for the first time with the Next Einstein Forum. One of the attendees was young Kenyan researcher Evelyn Gitau. She hopes to develop affordable diagnostic tools that African clinics can use on a daily basis, which could save countless lives.

Adelbert von Chamisso Prize 2016: Enriching German Literature

In Munich, the writers and translators Esther Kinsky and Uljana Wolf were awarded the Robert Bosch Stiftung’s 2016 Adelbert von Chamisso Prize, worth 15,000 euros. The Foundation awards the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize to honor outstanding German-language authors whose work is shaped by a change of culture.

Leipzig Book Fair 2016

The great spring reading festival in Leipzig. The events held by the Robert Bosch Stiftung included literary voyages of discovery with Border Crossers authors, a translators’ meeting, and readings from this year’s Chamisso prize winners. This year’s program focus "Europa21. Thinking tomorrow’s society" focused on immigration and integration.

Refugees Take Matters into Their Own Hands

Much is being said about the refugees; now they are speaking up for themselves. At the International Conference of Refugees and Migrants in Hamburg, those affected spoke about asylum laws, the situation at the borders, self-organization, and sexism. They shared personal experiences and made clear demands of society and politics.
Alexander Wöll

Ukraine Calling: Learning, Knowing, Acting

"Only those who are familiar with the situation in Ukraine can truly help Ukraine," says Alexander Wöll, president of European University Viadrina. But, to this point, expertise in Germany regarding Ukraine has only been marginal. That is why, together with the Robert Bosch Stiftung, European University Viadrina is launching the Ukraine Calling educational program for decision-makers from the worlds of politics, media, economics, and civil society.
February 2016

We Have Lost a Dear Friend and Valued Adviser

Karl Dedecius was one of the most significant and inspiring partners the Robert Bosch Stiftung ever worked with in the promotion of international relations.

Are Teachers Already Team Players?

Teamwork is considered a corner stone of the modern working world. A new study shows how closely teachers in Germany cooperate and what is still missing. The authors of the study consider a stronger teamwork between teachers a key factor for good schools.

Strategy Recommendations for a New Eastern Policy

How can the West reach a new consensus on policy regarding the East? The Transatlantic Strategy Group, that includes foreign policy and security experts, presented strategy recommendations to an audience of European, American, and Russian guests at a panel during the Munich Security Conference.

Film Prize for New German-Arab Productions

The Film Prize for International Cooperation for young filmmakers from Germany and the Arab world was awarded at Berlinale Talents 2016. The concepts in the genres animation, documentary, and short film will be implemented in Germany and the partner country this year.

The Networked World: How Digitization Is Revolutionizing the Workplace

“Digitization is good!” – at least according to Timotheus Höttges, CEO of Deutsche Telekom AG. At the Talk in the Park event, he explains what the worlds of politics and economics have to do to prevent German companies from losing touch with the digital transformation.
January 2016

The Foundation's 2016 New Year Reception

It was with great emotion that the Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion quintet kicked off the Robert Bosch Stiftung’s new year reception held at its Representative Office in Berlin-Mitte. The Foundation took around 300 guests on a musical journey through the worlds of classical European and Latin jazz sounds.

What is the state of the friendship between France and Germany?

This is the question that author and journalist Pascale Hugues pursued on the occasion of the anniversary of the Elysée Treaty. She talks about how she experiences the relationship between Germany and France, the role nationalism, and what she means by "price of freedom".

Short Film Ave Maria Nominated for an Oscar

The comedy Ave Maria is among the five nominees for an Academy Award in the category Short Film (Live Action). The film was realized with the support of the Film Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung for International Cooperation. The prize gives young German and Arab filmmakers the opportunity to work on a joint project.

German School Award 2016 - These are the Contenders

20 schools in Germany and abroad can hope to win the German School Award 2016. Teams of judges will visit and evaluate the schools. For the first time this year, German schools abroad were also eligible. The tenth German School Award will be awarded by German Foreign Minister Steinmeier in Berlin on June 8.