Participation at Day Care Centers
Education in Early Childhood

Participation at Day Care Centers

Developing a Living Culture of Participation
Helping children develop self-reliant and socially competent personalities is a challenge that educators at day care centers face every day. For many children, day care center is the first public institution that they attend on their educational journey and that shapes them. This is where they experience, for the first time, how a community of people – away from their family and friends – is organized and which rights the individual members of the community have. These experiences also begin the political education process in day care centers – regardless of whether it was the intention of the educators. For this reason, consciously shaping democratic education is a fundamental responsibility of all day care centers.

We intend to support day care center staff in the development of a living culture of participation where all children take part in the matters that affect them. We would be happy to receive your inquiry if you would like to take this journey with us.


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