Campaigns for an Open Society
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Campaigns for an Open Society

We all live in an open society! It offers people the greatest possible individual freedom and, at the same time, the greatest possible level of personal security. In its most shining moments, Europe has demonstrated that this type of society can guarantee both prosperity as well as security and freedom.

But our country is also experiencing a change. The discourse in the media and public discussions are being increasingly dominated by radical and populist groups. They advocate for building walls and social exclusion rather than for tolerance and openness. As a network of private citizens, action groups, coalitions, and institutions, the Initiative Offene Gesellschaft aims to counteract this development. It brings together forces for a powerful and creative civil movement in order to prevent society from drifting away into a closed-off world. The initiative makes the projects, events, and promotions under its umbrella – which all have the objective of actively defending democratic values – more visible and farther reaching.

The Robert Bosch Stiftung supports this engagement for democracy, tolerance, and cohesion. For this reason, the Foundation established the program titled "Campaigns for an Open Society" to encourage smaller initiatives, groups, and associations to get involved with their own activities for a strong society.

The support program:
  • The projects supported are those that strengthen social cohesion and the feeling of unity; advocate for tolerance, diversity, and democracy; and take a stance against political radicalization and hate. These could be stand-alone events as well as series of events and multiple-week campaigns. Possibilities range from creative approaches (theater, songs, lyrics) to contributions to discourse or even parties to celebrate democracy.
  • Applications may be for up to 3,000 euros; however, only material costs will be covered (no personnel costs or fees).
  • Schools, educational and cultural organizations, clubs, small initiatives, and community centers may apply.
  • The campaigns promoted will fall under the umbrella of the Initiative Offene Gesellschaft and will support its goals. Additionally, once funding has been approved, the campaign will be advertised and documented on the website of the Initiative Offene Gesellschaft. The Initiative Offene Gesellschaft logo will be used throughout the campaign in order to establish the connection to the initiative.
  • Applications may be submitted at any time because there is no deadline for applications.

For project inquiries, please note the information in the column to the right as well as the information on the website of the Initiative Offene Gesellschaft. We would like to point out that processing these inquiries can take up to six weeks.

We can no longer accept applications for the Campaign for an Open Society.


Dr. Ferdinand Mirbach
Phone: +49 (0)711 46084-480
Judith Völkel
Phone: +49 (0)711 46084-118

Impressions from the Projects


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