SPIELRAUM – Shaping Urban Transformation
Transformative Urban and Rural Spaces

SPIELRAUM – Shaping Urban Transformation

With this interdisciplinary program, we are supporting researchers who want to take our cities to the next level with their clever ideas.
Today, more people live in cities than in the countryside. Cities have become our primary living space and will therefore be crucial to the future well-being of our societies. In order to function as viable places to live, cities have to offer more than just work, housing, and an intact infrastructure. Cities are places where people live together as a society.

We are bringing visionaries and outside-the-box thinkers together: for a collaboration on the city of the future, for changes to our behavior and lifestyles, and for social innovations. We would like to expand the research and discussion, which is currently very focused on technology and infrastructure (smart cities), to include other perspectives.

We are looking for courageous and creative researchers who have an open mind and enjoy gathering inspiration from other researchers, approaches and ideas. In short: researchers who want to achieve more – together. We are open to researchers from disciplines such as architecture, art and design as well as experts from all relevant sectors of the natural and social sciences. They can all provide valuable insights and inspiration for the transformation of our cities.
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