Sustainably Committed - Qualification and Networking of Voluntary Involvement in Refugee Work
Migration and Inclusion

Sustainably Committed - Qualification and Networking of Voluntary Involvement in Refugee Work

The deadline for the submission of applications was October 15, 2017. The program will probably be starting again in the first half of 2018.

Civic commitment makes a significant contribution to a united and sustainable society. Especially in times of refugee immigration, voluntary commitment is of enormous importance. It is not only central for the initial care of refugees but also for their medium- and long-term integration and participation in society.

Against the backdrop of the developments over the past two years, the Robert Bosch Stiftung has been supporting initiatives and projects that promote a systematic and sustainable structuring of the commitment to refugee work as part of the program "Sustainably Committed - Qualification and Networking of Voluntary Involvement in Refugee Work."

What Objectives Does the Project Need to Meet?

Projects that pursue at least two of the following goals can be supported:

  • Establishing and/or developing the qualification of volunteers in refugee work.
  • Initiating and/or intensifying the networking and coordination of volunteers and initiatives in refugee work both among themselves and with other voluntary groups.
  • The voluntary commitment explicitly involves refugees and is designed in equal cooperation with them.

Where Do We Provide Support?

We focus on projects in "sensitive regions" across Germany:

  • Rural and/or economically underdeveloped regions and cities;
  • Regions with especially stark social disparities;
  • Regions with high skepticism toward/rejection of refugees by the local population.

How Much Funding Can Be Requested?

Funding of up to €40,000 can be applied for. It is primarily meant to cover material costs and pro rata personnel costs. The start of the project can be planned for three months after the inquiry at the earliest. Own resources are desired but not absolutely necessary.

Who Can Apply?

Both nonprofit associations and municipalities may apply. Applications from migrant organizations and refugee organizations are particularly desirable. Projects that are implemented in cooperation with other partners (in the region) and that have a long-term orientation with regard to the project’s objectives and implementation are also desired.

How Can I Apply?

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. These should be submitted in the form of a project inquiry and include a rough sketch of the project and an estimate of the costs involved. Inquiries can be submitted in both German and English. Questions regarding the support program are to be submitted exclusively via e-mail. When submitting your project inquiry, please take note of the information supplied in the FAQ section.


Lisa Veyhl

How Should I Submit My Inquiry?

Please send all inquiries to the e-mail address The contact for the program is Lisa Veyhl, Project Manager for Migration and Inclusion. For your inquiry, please answer the questions from the inquiry form. Please do not send the inquiry to any other foundation e-mail addresses.

What Does the Application Process Look Like?

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis at To apply, please submit your project plans as an inquiry. Projects are selected from the inquiries received, and they are then invited to progress to the second step of the application process - grant application.

Please note: The call for grant applications is not equivalent to grant approval. Upon receipt of your grant application documents, a further comprehensive examination of your project will be carried out. This process can take up to six weeks and is done in close consultation with you.

Will the Robert Bosch Stiftung Help Me Develop and Plan My Project?

Due to the large number of projects, the Robert Bosch Stiftung is unable to help with the development and planning of individual projects or provide consultation in this regard. For this reason, please use the call for submissions to check whether your completed concept for the program is suitable and meets the requirements. Concrete questions regarding the program whose answers cannot be determined from the call for submissions will be answered individually via e-mail.

When Can I Start My Project?

Since we need time to examine your initial inquiry as well as the comprehensive examination of the possible grant request, you can plan to receive funding for a project starting three months from the submission of the inquiry at the earliest. In general, we recommend that you submit the application at the earliest possible date so that we have sufficient time for processing.


Lisa Veyhl