Networking and Qualification of Civic Engagement in Refugee Work
Migration and Inclusion

Networking and Qualification of Civic Engagement in Refugee Work

Voluntary and civic engagement makes a significant contribution to a cohesive and sustainable society. In view of current developments, two observations can be made with regard to commitment to refugee projects. Firstly, there has been an immense increase in the number of people involved; secondly, individuals and groups who have had no or very little previous engagement have become active.

For this reason, the Robert Bosch Stiftung is supporting initiatives and projects that promote the systematic and sustainable structuring of civic engagement in refugee work as part of the program "Networking and Qualification of Civic Engagement in Refugee Work". Projects that pursue at least two of the following goals can be supported:
  • Establishing and/or developing the qualification of volunteers.
  • Initiating and/or intensifying the networking of volunteers and initiatives in refugee work both among themselves and with other voluntary groups.
  • Promoting and, where possible, transferring the systematic and sustainable structuring of involvement in refugee work to existing formats of qualification and coordination of voluntary involvement through qualification and networking.

The inclusion of a wide variety of groups is especially desirable. Grant seekers can be both coordinators of voluntary initiatives and volunteers themselves. Our understanding of volunteers explicitly includes refugees who get involved to support their own interests. Projects from all over Germany can apply for funding.

Projects in so-called "sensitive regions" will be given priority, for example those in rural and/or economically underdeveloped areas, or cities and regions with especially stark social disparity. Please understand that we are accepting inquiries about the funding program by e-mail only. Applications will be accepted until September 15, 2016. Inquiries will be accepted in both German and English.

The application period for the program has expired. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications at the moment. Please consult our website at a later date again.