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Ukraine Calling

Dialog and Expertise on Ukraine

The professional development program Ukraine Calling is for all decision-makers from the worlds of politics, media, education, administration, economics, and civil service who want to expand their understanding of Ukraine. This program focuses on disseminating knowledge and expertise on Ukraine through seminars and workshops. The program also makes possible interdisciplinary exchange and trans-sectoral networking among players in the German and Ukrainian societies - and acts on this in the form of projects.

Well-founded knowledge on Ukraine - its history, politics, media landscape, language, and literature - is lacking in the German-speaking world. Thus it is all the more important to strengthen knowledge of Ukraine in key sectors where comprehensive expertise on Europe’s second-largest country (by land area) is necessary. This is where the project comes in: by creating a platform for sustainable German-Ukrainian collaboration.

The Ukraine Calling project is being carried out by European University Viadrina in cooperation with the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Deutsche Assoziation der Ukrainisten, a German association for Ukrainian studies. The program has been conducted for the first time in 2016.

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