News Overview 2015

New Opportunities for New Talent

Fifty young people are receiving support on the path to obtaining their high school diploma

Shaking hands, receiving a certificate, moving forward. The acceptance of 50 young people to the Talent in the State of Baden-Württemberg fellowship program was straightforward yet significant. Florentin can barely believe that he is part of it: "This sheet of paper means so much to me. It opens the door to new opportunities that I never would have had otherwise, and now I want to make the most of these opportunities!" With this fellowship program, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung are supporting gifted young people like Florentin, whose circumstances make it more difficult to get a good education.

This year, the group of young, talented individuals is once again a melting pot of different talents and cultures. This is reflected in the evening program: Mathangi impresses guests with a Tamil dance performance that resembles a professional number from a Bollywood movie. The same goes for Marie, who has her audience in fits of laughter with her pantomimic clownery.

In her welcoming speech, Minister Silke Krebs made reference to the current refugee debate and said that she considers Talent in the State of Baden Württemberg to be an example of functioning integration.

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