News Overview 2015

The First Port of Call for Leading Female Scientists

Five years of AcademiaNet – the online portal that puts people in touch with outstanding female scientists from all over Europe

The AcademiaNet success story began with the push of a button, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel officially activated the site back in November 2010. Since then, AcademiaNet has grown to become the first port of call for decision-makers looking to find suitable women for scientific leadership roles and governing bodies. Women continue to be dramatically underrepresented in these areas, with a mere 20 percent of the best-paid professorships across the EU held by female scientists. Journalists and conference organizers benefit from AcademiaNet, too, as they can make contact with renowned experts from all disciplines with the click of a mouse.

In Berlin, the Foundation was joined by its partners Spektrum der Wissenschaft and Nature, as well as by some 100 guests, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the portal. AcademiaNet now offers free access to 2,000 profiles of highly qualified female academics from 34 countries. The portal’s pages have been accessed more than 1.4 million times since its launch, but this is not the only indication of the network’s success. The scientists include Nobel laureates as well as winners of the Leibniz Prize and other prestigious accolades. “AcademiaNet helps people find the right woman for the right position,” said Chancellor Merkel, extending her congratulations.

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