News Overview 2015

Europe for the First Time

They are stories about the first independent, grand journey. 150 students from the Balkans could travel through the European Union with the program "Travel to Europe". Equipped with an Interrail ticket, health insurance, and a little bit of pocket money, they started their trips after a kickoff event in Berlin at the beginning of August.

The students tell stories of impressive cities, generous locals, new friends, and growing up. In addition to the vivid impressions of their journey, there are new thoughts - about freedom, about what Europe means, and which role the individual plays in it.


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Teuta Hoxha, Kosovo

"I always loved to visit places, see cultures, experience new things and try food. Visiting Europe has given me the chance to finally practice my German, after all those years of learning, and to improve my French.

A lady we met on a train gave us some money, just because we reminded her of her trips around former Yugoslavia, and she encouraged us to be the generation of change!

It was the best time and a great opportunity to learn how to spend less and have fun more, how to make friends out of strangers and find your way alone. Waking up in the morning and deciding where you want to go without bothering of thinking of visas, was the ultimate freedom."