News Overview 2015

Success with Social Ideas

The changemakerXchange summit in Berlin brought together 25 young social entrepreneurs from 15 different countries to connect, share knowledge and experience, and then develop cross-border collaborations for social good.

Joining in Berlin were people like Milena Glimbovski, who at the age of 22, co-founded Germany's first package and plastic free organic store "Original Unverpackt". Joao Brites is empowering thousands of Portuguese youth with his "Transformers Project" to use their super-powers (rap, break-dance, sport, and music) to transform their communities.

The participants pitched their ventures in 90 seconds at the opening night. After spending a day in Berlin they moved to the rural village location of Paretz, where "open-space sessions" next to the lake facilitated sharing of knowledge on diverse topics such as "Learning Systems Thinking from the Hip-Hop Movement", "Running a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign", and "Non Violent Communication". The final day was spent developing international collaboration projects and more than 20 proposals were created. This will keep the work of the changemakers alive and thus inspire more young people to also contribute to positive social change.

The summit in Berlin from August 10 to 14 was the 7th summit by changemakerXchange since its founding in 2012 and the community has now grown to 150 Changemakers from almost 40 countries. The Ashoka changemakerXchange summits are supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.


Successful Collaborations

Those who attended the event in Berlin and Paretz are only just starting their new projects. The Changemakers from previous summits are already in the middle of their project work and can look back on initial successes. We would like to present four exciting collaborative projects instigated by the Changemakers from previous summits in Istanbul and Marrakech.

The Changemakers' Projects

SINGA Maroc (1)

SINGA Maroc works to integrate refugees into Moroccan society and has managed to mobilize the country’s young people to get involved in the issues of asylum and social enterprise. Many African refugees who intend to make their way to Europe arrive in Morocco and end up staying there for many years.

Nathanael Molle from France set up the SINGA Project in France not only to help refugees integrate into society but to help them be valued, too. Working with two Moroccan women, Touria Benlafiq and Maha Ech-Chefaa, Molle organized a conference for some 90 young Moroccans, thus heralding the start of SINGA Maroc as an independent and officially registered organization. More than 30 attendees at the conference joined there and then.

Impressions from Berlin and Paretz