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Five Years of "Education is Power!"

"Education is Power!" ("Lernen macht stark!" - "Ögrenmek güc verir!") has been mobilizing Turkish parents in their role as educational stakeholders for the past five years. This media campaign, which is organized by Metropol FM, Stiftung Lesen ("reading foundation"), and the Robert Bosch Stiftung, is one of Germany’s most suc-cessful initiatives aimed specifically at families of Turkish origin.

At a podium discussion on the topic of extracurricular support, the speakers were unanimous in their view that successful parental involvement makes all the difference when it comes to children’s development and their ability to acquire new skills.

"Parents with a foreign background often have big ambitions for their children and want them to pursue a successful educational career," said Minister of State Aydan Özoğuz, Federal Government Commissioner for Migrants, Refu-gees and Integration, in her opening remarks. She praised the educational achievements of immigrant children and talked about ways of improving op-portunities for children and young people in the future with the help of both the "Education is Power!" initiative and smartphone technology.

Audio Excerpt of the Speech Given by Minister of State Aydan Özoğuz (German)
(June 2015)

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