News Overview 2015

50 Talented Youngsters in the State of Bavaria

"People who have launched successful educational careers that set an example to others"

A total of 50 talented young people have been accepted to the Talent im Land – Bayern (Talent in the State of – Bavaria) program. Over the next few years, these youngsters will be supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the Bavarian State Ministry for Education, Culture, Science and the Arts as they study for their Abitur (high school diploma) or Fachhochschulreife (university of applied sciences entrance qualification). State Secretary for Education Georg Eisenreich joined Dr. Olaf Hahn in handing over the certificates to the new scholarship recipients in the Court Church of All Saints in the Munich Residenz last Thursday.

Sate Secretary Eisenreich: "With these scholarships, we want to help students faced with particular hurdles – perhaps due to an immigrant background – make the most of their unique talents. The previous scholarship holders have launched successful educational careers that set an example to others."

"Education has to be open to all," said Dr. Olaf Hahn, Head of the education, society, and culture program area at Robert Bosch Stiftung. "With this program, we are therefore campaigning for a level playing field and supporting gifted students as they get closer to achieving their high school diploma. Our current graduates, each of whom has their own unique success story, demonstrate how well this is working and just what can be achieved with individual support."

The young people were inspired to make a success of their lives by a wealth of different people: a state prosecutor, a star chef, an opera singer, and the director of an educational institute. When talking to presenter Roman Roell (Bayern3), they spoke of their belief in their own abilities as well as determination and motivation as being key to a successful life.

As part of the celebrations, the new scholars also showcased their talents: when six of them came together to sing I See Fire, the audience could feel how much they enjoyed this musical collaboration. Erona Tasholli treated the audience to powerful and thought-provoking performance poetry entitled Unterschiedlich gleich (All the Same in Different Ways), and Ikbar Navruz gave a virtuoso rendition of the Carmen Fantasy, Op. 25, on the flute. As the sun set on Munich, parents and guardians had good reason to be extremely proud of their young scholars.



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