News Overview 2015

This Works! – Now in Italy, Too

In light of persistently high youth unemployment in southern Europe, the Robert Bosch Stiftung wants to use innovative ideas to improve young people’s access to the labor market in Italy, Spain, and Greece. As such, the kick-off event for the This Works! project for Italy was recently held in Milan. With this project, successful social entrepreneurs make their business ideas available to partners in southern Europe. Doing so not only creates new jobs, but also social projects which give young people the ability to shape their own surroundings – something that has been in short supply until now. The Foundation’s partner in this project is Ashoka, a global organization that invests in social entrepreneurs.

Approximately 200 people attended the kick-off event at the Bosch location in Milan on February 26, 2015, including representatives from local foundations, social organizations, investors, and government officials. The topic of the event was "Innovation for a New Beginning. Ashoka’s Social Entrepreneurs as Engines Driving Growth. In Italy and the World."

"Youth unemployment is one of the greatest challenges in Europe," said Gerhard Dambach, head of Bosch in Italy. "The goal of the partnership between the Robert Bosch Stiftung and Ashoka is to support ideas that not only have the potential to create new jobs, but also encourage young people to find solutions for social challenges in their local area." Bosch Italy also launched the project Training for the Future, which supports young people as they embark on a career and look for the relevant training. "Ashoka’s work fits in perfectly with our own efforts and we are extremely glad to help them achieve success in Italy," said Dambach. Head of Department Atje Drexler participated in the kick-off event in Milan for the Robert Bosch Stiftung. "This Works! is an international network that stems from the Foundation and Ashoka, but is also open to local partners." In addition to Italy, the Foundation has also taken This Works! to Spain and Greece.

(Shooting and editing: Andrea Bellusci)