The School of Kyiv
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Biennial "The School of Kyiv"

The biennial School of Kyiv links art with innovative educational formats used to study civil society and provides a platform that both raises the profile and fosters understanding of current social and political issues in Ukraine and Europe.

The inclusive, identity-building, and visionary power of art is particularly important in times of uncertainty and conflict. The School of Kyiv responds to precisely this need and provides an open forum for civil discourse, making use of such different formats as workshops and public debates, as well as various means of artistic expression, including films and flash dramas. It comprises an international exhibition showcasing the work of some 100 Ukrainian and international artists as well as six “schools” (representing different strands of civil society) that explore critical social issues and use them to inform public debate.

You will find, for example, the School of the Lonesome, the School of the Displaced, and the School of Realism. In the School of the Displaced, internally displaced persons and political refugees are brought together with civil initiatives to discuss such topics as the sensation of being uprooted, political resistance, and questions of identity. Each school has its own area of focus and its own ways of tackling the issues involved.

The 2015 biennial event (September 8 to November 1, 2015, in Kiev, Ukraine) was curated by Hedwig Saxenhuber and Georg Schöllhammer and organized by the Visual Culture Research Center in Kiev. The project was covered by Ukrainian and international media and supported by numerous international benefactors, including the German Federal Foreign Office, the ERSTE Foundation, the German Federal Cultural Foundation, the Open Society Foundation, and Basis.Kultur.Wien as part of SHIFT, Programm zur Förderung innovativer Kunst (SHIFT, a program to support innovative art).

There are plans for accompanying events in European partner cities, an exhibition in Vienna in 2016, and further biennial events in 2017 and 2019.

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