Initiative Going Abroad Makes a Difference
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Initiative Going Abroad Makes a Difference

International experiences greatly benefits the individual, but also society. They have a sustainable positive impact on the lives of young people. The change of perspectives broadens ones horizons, helps break down prejudices, and, in the long run, enables successful and responsible behavior in a globalised world. Therefore, every young person in Europe should have the chance to gain international experience. This is an ambitious goal, given that, to date, most teenagers never participate in international exchanges. However, every individual who embarks upon a journey to breathe in a foreign culture brings us one step forward towards achieving our vision.

Together with our partners, active in school and non-school youth exchanges, we are currently looking for new strategies and ideas to improve the framework conditions for international student and youth exchanges and to realize our common goal.

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Highlighting the Issue - Creating Awareness

To date, little advantage has been taken from the potential of international experiences. Many teenagers have no idea what they are missing. Parents are unaware of the necessity of international exchanges and teachers hesitate due to the required extra effort. Many funds are not exhausted. All this is also due to the fact that, in our society, the issue does not yet enjoy the status it deserves. This has to change!

Enhancing Access - Reaching Target Groups

Offers for student and youth exchanges are numerous: There have probably never been so many opportunities for young people to go abroad. However, at a closer look, it quickly becomes apparent that only certain target groups really seize these chances. Thus, the majority of the young generation currently does not have access to international mobility programs. This imbalance needs to be corrected!

Empowering Key Players - Strengthening Support

To date, there have been few scientifically valid insights into the key factors which influence teenagers’ decisions whether or not to spend time abroad. Nevertheless, we assume that certain key figures such as teachers and international youth exchange experts as well as positive role models from the family and (non-)school environment play a decisive role. These important motivators have to be supported!