Initiative Going Abroad Makes a Difference
International Education

Initiative Going Abroad Makes a Difference

Initiative Going Abroad Makes a Difference! Not only for the individual, but also for the society:
  • A change of perspectives broadens ones horizons and enables to understand complex interdependencies,
  • It helps to break down prejudices and to appreciate cultural diversity,
  • It strengthens ones self-efficacy and encourages social commitment,

and therefore, in the long run, contributes to responsible behavior in a globalised world.

Against this background, the international school and youth exchange is of key importance. It offers young people an educationally accompanied experience abroad that reaches both their hearts and hands and inspires their minds. The international school and youth exchange therefore helps in shaping a young generation that will positively affect society and contribute to social cohesion. 

Together with our partners, active in school and non-school youth exchanges, we focus on:

Highlighting the Issue - Creating Awareness

To date, the potentials of international experiences for society are hardly acknowledged. Many emphasize the benefit for the individual – for improving foreign language skills, or developing the personality. But there a few who highlight the potentials for society: young people who return and shape their social environment positively – through their knowledge, their values and their commitment. All this is also due to the fact that, in our society, the issue does not yet enjoy the status it deserves. This has to change!
Enhancing Access - Reaching Target Groups
Offers for school and youth exchanges are numerous: There have probably never been so many opportunities for young people to go abroad. However, at a closer look, it quickly becomes apparent that only certain target groups really seize these chances. Thus, the majority of the young generation currently does not have access to international mobility programs. This imbalance needs to be corrected!
Empowering Key Players - Strengthening Support
Teachers, international youth exchange experts or positive role models from the family and (non-) school environment are key players: They play a decisive role in the decision of young people whether or not to go abroad. These important motivators have to be supported!

Our Projects


The International Initiative "Aktionsbündnis Anerkennung"

International youth encounters have plenty of potential for learning. The International initiative advocates for the societal recognition of expertise acquired through international youth service.

Initiative "Mobility of Mind in School Exchange"

Organizations involved in the initiative come togehter in order to strengthen exchange between international students and young people in curricular education.

Study on International Youth Exchanges: Access and Barriers

The study should answer key questions and provide a solid basis for our future activities and funding in the area of international education.

Ways to go abroad

Advice and offers on how to go abroad can be found on the following website: