Let’s Have a Say in Local Politics
Civil Society

Let’s Have a Say in Local Politics

Civil society is largely reliant on citizens getting actively involved in political discourse. Many people make particular use of these opportunities to have their say when issues affecting their local area are up for discussion. As a result, public participation processes have long ceased to be something out of the ordinary, especially in terms of infrastructure projects and setting local agendas. Nonetheless, silent groups such as young people find themselves all too often excluded from these kinds of processes.

With the Let’s Have a Say in Local Politics support program, the Allianz für Beteiligung and the Robert Bosch Stiftung therefore wish to promote young people’s involvement in local planning processes and get their ideas noticed. The aim is for the projects to go beyond issues that solely affect young people and for them to be of overarching local significance. The issues under consideration could include construction processes or the design of public spaces. Other projects that could be supported might be the event planning for a new urban facility or the development of a local agenda for the future. By getting involved in and helping shape local decision-making processes, young people have the chance to discover their interest in political involvement. What’s more, the initiative aims to foster and further develop approaches that have the potential to serve as a beacon for greater youth involvement across Baden-Württemberg.

As part of the support program, individual projects to increase participation among young people will receive funding of up to €6,000 each. The project is aimed at institutions in small and medium-sized cities and communities in Baden-Württemberg.


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