Conflict Prevention

Funding for Projects in the Field of Peace and Conflict Transformation

The number of internal conflicts and conflicts between nations has continued to increase in recent years. This trend is accompanied by a rising number of local, regional, and international conflict transformation initiatives. The need for targeted and timely support is therefore high.

Our aim is to support those projects that serve to facilitate conflict transformation in conflict (and post conflict) societies in different regions. As a result, projects are supported that focus on dealing with the past, including questions of transitional justice, mediation, human and minority rights, the unique role of digital technologies in conflict (and post conflict) societies, the way conflicts are reported on, and the role played by religion in conflicts.

We are particularly eager to support projects that make it possible to transfer good practice from one region or target group to another.

Grant applications looking to secure project funding will be accepted throughout year.

Information for Grant Seekers


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