Tandem Shaml
International Cultural Exchange

Tandem Shaml

Tandem Shaml is an exchange program for cultural managers working at independent Arab and European cultural institutions. The overall aim of Tandem Shaml is to foster long-term collaboration between cultural professionals from the Arab Region and Europe.

Every year, Tandem Shaml offers eight cultural managers from both regions the opportunity to work in tandems and implement a joint cultural project. Project development is supported by means of mutual visits and goes hand in hand with training. In this way, the program helps establish long-term partnerships and promotes the qualification of cultural professionals, who, within their local context, support good relations between the Arab Region and Europe and strengthen civil society.

Tandem Shaml is an initiative launched in 2012 by the European Cultural Foundation, MitOst e.V., and Culture Resource,supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung,DOEN foundation and Mimeta.

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