International Dialog on Educational Issues
Improving the Quality of Schools

International Dialog on Educational Issues

Ever since it was founded, the Robert Bosch Stiftung has been committed to working in the areas of education and international exchange. In order to link stakeholders in the field of education, spark discussion on certain topics, and enable knowledge transfer beyond national and system boundaries, we are therefore systematically supporting international dialog on educational issues. The aim is to develop potential solutions for current challenges and offer all stakeholders involved key momentum to help them manage and further develop their own systems.

Fostering Discussion of Current Educational Issues
Alongside governance issues, educational standards, and quality management, the dialog focuses on all factors that contribute to educational excellence. In events covering such topics as managing diversity, resilience, and promoting young talent, we have already explored challenging areas of educational policy such as teacher selection and training, individual early-childhood support, and inclusion – bringing together international stakeholders in the process.

An "educational bridge" was set up between New York City and Berlin to foster exchange between school administrators and practitioners in the two cities, with ownership of achievement, autonomy, and leadership identified as the key pillars for successful school development. These and other outcomes of the dialog have been documented in a comparative study entitled A Tale of Two Cities: Education Reform in New York City and Berlin. Furthermore, the dialog provided key stimuli for the establishment of a pilot project involving schools in high-risk areas in Berlin. The Robert Bosch Stiftung has been conducting this project since 2013 in conjunction with the Senate Department for Education, Youth, and Science.

Bringing International Educational Experts to Germany
Renowned Australian educational scientist Stephen Dinham was the first expert from his field to spend several months in Germany as a Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow. As Chair of Teacher Education at the University of Melbourne and National President of the Australian College of Educators (ACE), he joined forces with Professor John Hattie, author of the influential Visible Learning study, to establish an innovative study program for trainee teachers in Australia. Professor Dinham used his three-month stay in Germany to compare the German and Australian educational systems and focused on improving the quality of pre- and post-qualification teacher training. We want to build on this kind of exchange by inviting more renowned educational experts from around the world.

Educational Ideas and Concepts That Transcend Borders
In light of the challenges posed by a globalized world, high-quality education is an essential resource. But what constitutes a "good education" and what questions have to be answered to make it a reality? What challenges have to be overcome? And how can international exchange help bring about good education? These questions are being asked all over the world. At the invitation of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, some 70 international experts discussed the key educational questions of the future at a conference held in Berlin on May 8, 2015 – a conference that brought together practitioners, politicians, scientists, and representatives of civil society.

How to Make Education Innovation Travel

Symposium gathers education experts from all over the world.


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Robert Bosch Stiftung (Hg.)  A Tale of Two Cities (German Version, Summary)  Read and recommend

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