Picture Gallery

"Let’s consciously rethink old age," emphasized Federal President Joachim Gauck at the opening ceremony.
Federal President Gauck with organizers and supporters of the exhibition.
What does getting older actually mean? What opportunities and chances present themselves as you get older? These questions occupy not only Joachim Gauck and his civil partner Daniela Schadt but also everyone else who attended the opening ceremony.
By taking part in small experiments, younger generations can also feel what it is like to get older – for example, when climbing the stairs is not as easy as it used to be.
Dialog with Time also illustrates how getting older impacts all areas of life, such as hand–eye coordination.
Visitors can explore the exhibition at the Museum for Communication Berlin until mid-August.
The hourglasses in the exhibition lobby enable visitors to delve straight into the topic of old age and aging ...
... not to mention a video installation on the aging process.
The tour begins with a presentation by the senior-citizen guide in dialog room 1 ...
... where various interactive scenarios allow visitors to explore and question their ideas and experiences on the topics of old age and getting older.
Interactive stations then illustrate various aspects of aging, with physical challenges and sensory limitations looked at in detail.
In the pink room, potential limitations are counterpointed by aspects such as wisdom, life experience, and passions in the form of personal stories.
In the adjoining dialog room 2, the visitors’ conversations with the senior-citizen guide include a quiz on the opportunities and potential of old age and a discussion on how we need to shape the future so that older people can contribute fully to society.