Adelbert von Chamisso Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung

Martin Kordić

Adelbert-von-Chamisso-Promotional Prize 2015

Martin Kordić was born in Celle, Germany, in 1983 and works as a lecturer in Cologne. He studied at the Institut für Literarisches Schreiben at the University of Hildesheim and at the University of Zagreb. In its statement, the jury said of his debut novel, Wie ich mir das Glück vorstelle (What I imagine happiness is like): "In quickly alternating fragments, Martin Kordić tells the painful story of a child – sometimes from the perspective of the Bosnian boy Viktor, who has been severely disabled since he was a child, and sometimes in the third person – who has never known anything but the infinite atrocity of war. Viktor’s supposedly naive, occasionally magical language stands in stark contrast to the often extremely inhumane events upon which he reports. This delicately poetic language is what gives the novel its literary noteworthiness."

Alfred-Döblin-Medaille 2015


Wie ich mir das Glück vorstelle.
Novel. C.Hanser Verlag, Munich 2014