PORT – Patient-Oriented Centers for Primary and Long-Term Care
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PORT – Patient-Oriented Centers for Primary and Long-Term Care

We are looking for pioneers who aim to establish innovative, comprehensive, and outstanding regional German health centers for the purpose of primary and long-term care.

In an era in which health care solutions are governed by a lack of financial and human resources in the sector, we want to use this funding to nonetheless help ensure qualitative advances that set new standards in health care.

What do we want to achieve?
With the PORT – Patient-Oriented Centers for Primary and Long-Term Care program, the Robert Bosch Stiftung aims to support the (continued) development and setting up of local, comprehensive, and outstanding health centers in Germany; these centers should be able to meet the primary and long-term care needs of entire regions.

The future PORT health centers
  • are tailored to regional needs
  • provide coordinated, patient-centered care on an ongoing basis
  • help patients cope with their illnesses
  • employ an interdisciplinary team from the health and social care sectors and other professions, all working together on an equal footing
  • harness new potential in areas such as eHealth
  • incorporate prevention and health promotion into their work
  • are well integrated within their communities

Who is this aimed at?
The call for submissions is aimed at pioneers who have already laid the groundwork or who are currently planning the construction of health centers of this kind.
We are thinking of health care professions, charities, municipalities, hospitals, and care facilities. Others are also welcome to apply; what counts is the quality of the proposal.

What does the support program offer?
Initially, the Robert Bosch Stiftung will fund a nine-month concept development phase for the PORT centers: up to eight initiatives will receive not only financial assistance of up to 50,000 euros each, but will also be supported with various accompanying activities. From the health center concepts submitted, we will then select those that will receive five-year funding for the implementation phase.

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