Care for Chronic Condition
Education and Training for Health Care Providers

Care for Chronic Condition

International visitation and training program

Chronic conditions and multiple morbidities will remain a major challenge for the health care system in the foreseeable future and require suitable approaches in treatment, monitoring and health promotion.

Physicians and health care specialists face increasing demands when caring for people with chronic conditions and multiple morbidities. To meet these complex demands continuous training and education, as well as innovative concepts are required. In this context, a professional exchange of opinions and experience with colleagues from abroad can provide important ideas and findings. As a result, the Care for Chronic Condition training program offers participants the opportunity to take educational trips abroad focused on the topics of chronic conditions and multiple morbidities. The foundation funds visitations for periods of one to a maximum of eight weeks.During this time institutions provide education and practical training, advanced training and education seminars and participation in conferences. A limited number of scholarships for university courses are also available. By expanding their horizons beyond national borders, the participants will experience new, patient-oriented and cross-occupational approaches in an authentic context and apply these to the health care sector when returning to Germany.

The Care for Chronic Condition program supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung is overseen and carried out by Institut G-plus’s center for international health care.
Who Can Apply?
The program is open to individuals and professional (including interprofessional) teams who advocate the appropriate care for patients with chronic conditions and multiple morbidities. This includes specialists in nursing and other nonphysician health care professions, physicians, social workers, pharmacologists, telematics/telemedical experts, and people from all occupational groups who want to help improve the care provided to patients with chronic conditions and multiple illnesses.
What Does the Program Offer?
The Foundation offers grants covering travel and accommodation expenses as well as seminar, conference, and tuition fees. In addition, the program also offers support in organizational questions, intensive preparatory and posttravel courses to optimize participants’ experience abroad, and access to a worldwide network of institutions in the health care sector.


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