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Dodong has made a long journey to his new school in Germany, flying well over 6,000 miles from his home in the Philippines to Frankfurt. He then took the bus on to Freiburg. All in all, he traveled more than 20 hours to a new continent – but this is nothing in comparison to the vast leap into a new life represented by this educational opportunity.

For eight years, from the age of just six, Dodong lived on the streets of Manila. A social worker, who Dodong calls Miss Claire, managed to get him enrolled in a school for street children and looked after him there. He learned English through a theater project and was accepted by a high-profile international school. The director of the school then recommended Dodong to UWC. The former street child is now studying for a qualification that will open up opportunities to him in a globalized world.

Dodong is one of 100 students in the first-year group at Robert Bosch United World College in Freiburg. The students come from over 70 countries and many already have rather interesting life stories behind them. For the next two years, they will live together and learn together. The school is the largest individual project in the history of Robert Bosch Stiftung. The special concept of the UWC, the unique network of partners required to implement such a project, and the major challenges involved in converting a former monastery into a modern school are just some of the topics covered in this issue.

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