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The Countdown to the UWC Has Begun

In a few weeks, the students of the UWC Robert Bosch College’s inaugural class will arrive in Freiburg. Their rooms are almost ready for them to move into. A sample room was already presented to the media. The students will come from a total of seventy countries, including Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, the Philippines and Africa, as well as the United States and Canada.

Twenty-five students will come from within Germany. The students are all selected purely on aptitude and talent. Scholarships ensure that the parents’ income does not play any role in the selection process. What makes the UWC Robert Bosch College so special is that each dorm room is shared by four students from different countries and the common rooms are available to all. "We want to offer the students an environment in which they can come together with all of their cultural differences, and during their daily interactions, learn to use their diversity in a productive manner and develop solutions as a team," said Dr. Ingrid Hamm, chief executive officer of the Robert Bosch Stiftung. "The dorm rooms at UWC Robert Bosch College are an important part of fostering international understanding. They offer the students from around the world a new home and guarantee them an education fit for a global world." Classes begin on September 1, and the UWC Robert Bosch College’s opening ceremony will be held on September 23.

The workers are currently putting the finishing touches to the interior of the landmarked Charterhouse. Starting in the fall, classes will be taught in the former main building of the monastery, where the school’s administrative offices are also located. The newly constructed auditorium and cafeteria are also nearing completion. The auditorium is completely glazed and offers an unobstructed view of the former monastery garden. It offers space for 300 people – for plays and musical performances as well as school assemblies. "This is a forum for student debate. After all, the UWC views itself as an international parliament," said Dr. Hamm.

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