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Cossu - the Best Political Rapper in Germany

"I dealt with political issues even more than usual"

24-year-old rapper Cossu from Heidelberg has been named Germany’s best political rapper of 2014. The political online casting show held its grand final in Berlin club Bi Nuu on April 11. Cossu, who was up against a total of 229 up-and-coming rappers in the competition, took part in the final alongside 24-year-old Mars One from Düsseldorf (second place) and 21-year-old Icarus from Oberhausen (third place).

The final featured numerous well-known politicians as "staff members": Gregor Gysi, Jens Spahn, and Cansel Kiziltepe acted as bartenders, Katja Kipping took people’s coats in the cloakroom, and Özcan Mutlu manned the merchandising stand. Meanwhile, Hans-Christian Ströbele mingled with the audience as a spectator. "Rap and politics really do go together!", said Jens Spahn (CDU) at the end of the event. "The next time someone says the youth of today aren’t interested in politics, I can justifiably say: Oh yes they are!" aims to bring young people and politicians together as equals. "I dealt with political issues even more than usual – and included my friends, too. On the one hand, RAPutation is a great arena for finding talented young rappers, and on the other hand, it really makes you think about political issues,” said Cossu, the winner of the show.

Even the politicians had a positive reaction to across the board – and are committed to incorporating their experience into their daily political activities: "We could easily continue to cherish the illusion that young people aren’t interested in politics – but in reality, all we have to do is take a step in their direction!", said Gregor Gysi. Özcan Mutlu went even further: "It’s a shame this sort of thing didn’t exist when I was younger – if it had, I would have become a rapper!"

The RAPutation stage played host to other artists in addition to the talented rappers taking part in the show, such as the jurors Weekend, Sookee, and Motrip. Motrip was spontaneously accompanied by hip hop presenter Visa Vie as backup – an historic moment in the history of German rap. The show’s co-presenter was Ben Salomo, the initiator of Germany’s best-known rap cipher Rap Am Mittwoch. The final was watched by around 1,000 people, both online and off. The event proceeds are to be donated to the youth club in Freiburg-Haslach at the request of the winner Cossu.


Photos: Ulrike Delfs / UD Photography

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