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Our Common Future

Sustainability – what does it actually mean? Issues such as food and water shortages, climate change and ecocide are so closely intertwined on a global level that individual attempts to make a change appear minimal at best.

The goal of Our Common Future is to give teachers and students the ability to actively discover the latest findings in sustainability research as well as how they can play an active role in implementing change. The projects are devised and carried out together with scientists and offer science-based answers to everyday issues like transportation, nutrition and the environment. At the same time, the students become acquainted with university courses related to sustainability.

The Robert Bosch Stiftung provides up to three years of financial support for joint project ideas from teachers and scientists on the topic of sustainability. The projects should be carried out in conjunction with scientific research conducted by students, teachers, and scientists. Ideally, the project will result in the establishment of a long-term partnership between the scientific institutions and schools. In addition to the project funding, project teams will also be invited to a biannual nationwide conference.

Please note that we can only accept applications from German institutions.


Annett Giebelhausen
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Possible project questions could include ...

Photo: Grit Hiersemann 
How do our eating habits influence our environment?

Where the projects connect ...


First Our Common Future Youth Congress

At the first-ever Our Common Future youth congress, 140 students, teachers, and scientists from all over Germany came together in Bremerhaven. Alongside the opportunity to share ideas on their projects, the youngsters also gained unique insights into the world of science.