The Lectureship Program in Asia

The Lectureship Program in Asia


International Understanding

Interactions and dialog between people of different backgrounds are important tools for laying the long-term foundations for understanding other cultures as well as collaborating on an international level. By gaining extensive experience abroad, the Lectureship Program’s participants become ambassadors of their own culture as well as the host country.



Civic Involvement

The Lectureship Program promotes civic involvement and assuming responsibility within one’s own environment. The program participants contribute to the development of an active civil society – in particular through project activities and constitution of processes in active learning and teaching.

Professional Development

Advanced training opportunities tailored to the individual participants in the fields of teaching, project management, and key competencies serve to advance their professional development – to the benefit of their work on location and their personal use.

Educational Mission

The Lectureship Program supports young professionals in tapping their full potential. The program participants’ classroom instruction and projects provide space for creative ideas, acquiring new skills, and developing an open-minded and self-reflective personality.


Multilingualism is a key requirement for successful global collaboration and intercultural understanding. The promotion of foreign language skills in the Lectureship Program plays an important role in giving young people the ability to speak and interact within an intercultural setting.
The Robert Bosch Stiftung’s Lectureship Program is geared toward two different groups, each of whom complete specific parts of the program tailored to them, yet cooperate closely with one another in doing so.

University graduates with humanities, social sciences, law, or business degrees from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland work as lecturers, teaching German as a foreign language at their host universities as well as carrying out educational projects. They participate in advanced training seminars in the fields of educational and project management and receive individual coaching.

Young, talented academics and lecturer from the program partner countries with a particular interest in teaching and project work are also supported in the Lectureship Program (Local Lecturers). They develop their professional skills during advancement training seminars, pass this knowledge on to others at their universities as key communicators, and can become involved in educational projects.

The Program Year in Pictures

June: The Kick-Off-Event in Paretz near Berlin is the starting point into the Lectureshop Program. This is where the program participants learn basic information about the program, the Robert Bosch Stiftung, MitOst e.V. and the first training seminars.

The participants are integrated into a department at their host university and teach German as a foreign and professional language there. In addition to their teaching duties, they support students and university employees in specific issues related to Germany and also organize extracurricular events.

Project Activities

The program participants carry out at least one educational project at their university’s location during the program year. In this context, the focus is on topics such as educational management, sociopolitical and intercultural education, personality development, and advanced training for educators.
Advanced Training

The program participants’ teaching and project activities are supported by extensive advanced training seminars in the fields of educational and project management, key competencies, and individual coaching. The advanced training programs offered were developed especially for the lectureship program and offer a one-of-a-kind combination of training-based project workshops and amplified seminars.

Educational partners of the Lectureship Program are:
The program is situated in China, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.
In the following countries and cities you can find the current lecturers (2017/18):