Photo Book

In this photo book we would like to present a selection of our current foundation activities in all their diversity and to paint a picture of everyday life for the people involved in our programs. We asked 16 students of photojournalism at the University of Hanover to visit the projects.They came back with images that often say more than words ever could. From Perleberg in Brandenburg to the Aral Sea in Russia and Inner Mongolia, the photographers traveled to meet program staff and beneficiaries. Their work highlights the impact of individual projects in particular situations. The photo reportage is complemented by an overview of how the Robert Bosch Stiftung has developed over the past fifty years, starting from the last will and testament of Robert Bosch. He instructed the company and the Foundation to reinterpret his legacy with a fresh mind and to adapt in line with the needs of society. This year’s anniversary underscores our mission: 50 Years Shaping the Future.