Robert Bosch Cultural Managers in the Arab World

The Nile Delta

The Egyptian Nile Delta has been part of the Robert Bosch Cultural Manager Program since 2012.

The Nile Delta, which covers an area of around 25,000 square kilometers in the North of Cairo, is the most fertile region in North Africa and is home to around 40 million people. The cities in the Nile Delta are of medium size, with 200,000 to 450,000 inhabitants, and are largely inaccessible from a cultural point of view partially as a result of their proximity to the major cities of Cairo and Alexandria.

The Robert Bosch Cultural Manager mainly works in two locations in the Nile Delta: Mansoura, a city in the northeast, and Damanhur in the northwest. Here, he or she cooperates with local partners (libraries, bookstores, NGOs) to organize cultural events in order to raise interest in German culture and to show an up-to-date image of Germany.
Anna-Mareike Voss, born in Leipzig, Germany in 1987, studied integrated European studies at the University of Bremen and political science at Cairo University and Freie Universität Berlin.

During her bachelor studies of Russian language and Eastern European societies, she developed an interest in the Arabic language, which led her to study the MENA region in her master studies. She focused on refugees and migration, Arabic political thought, and history.

As an intern at Heinrich Böll Foundation in Beirut, Anna-Mareike Voss examined the Lebanese Armenian diaspora through narrative interviews and further improved her Arabic language skills.

She gained valuable experience in cultural management as coordinator of the Syrian-German theater collective sodom, which narrates the experiences and disappointments of young Syrian women in the midst of revolution and civil war.

Anna-Mareike Voss is Robert Bosch Cultural Manager in the Nile Delta.