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Now in the AcademiaNet Online Portal: 1,500 Top Female Scientists from across Europe

  • More and more research institutes and journalists are using the online database
  • Significant awards and top positions for AcademiaNet female scientists

Stuttgart, June 12, 2014 - Just three and a half years after it was launched, the online database of the AcademiaNet research portal set up its 1,500th profile for a top female scientist. The online platform offers research institutes and journalists free access to profiles of highly qualified female academics from all over Europe. In this way, the website helps decision makers find suitable female candidates for filling scientific research positions and committees. The Robert Bosch Stiftung operates AcademiaNet in collaboration with Spektrum der Wissenschaft and Nature.

The portal pages have been accessed one million times since November 2010, and this is not the only indication of the network’s success: this year, Germany’s most important research support award, the Leibniz Prize, was presented to four female scientists, all of whom belong to AcademiaNet. The network’s female academics are also represented in committees: 16 of the 40 members of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) Senate are women, and 14 of these women are AcademiaNet scientists.

To ensure that the female scientists at AcademiaNet are among the elite in their field of research, a special admission process has been developed: the candidates are not allowed to nominate themselves; rather, they have to be recommended by one of the 39 partner organizations. The project partners include renowned scientific institutions throughout Europe such as the Max Planck Society, the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and the Wellcome Trust.

With the online platform, the Robert Bosch Stiftung is doing its part to ensure that more and more leadership positions in the sciences are filled by women. In Germany, only 14% of the most highly remunerated chairs are occupied by women.

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