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Audio Slide Shows: Video and Audio Documents
Bellevue Programme – Impressions and Experiences of Fellow Rosalinda Scalia in Madrid
The Bellevue Programme provides young executives in the highest government authorities with foreign experience and the opportunity for exchange with colleagues from other European countries.
German-Chinese Judge Exchange Program – a professional exchange on equal terms
Around 600 German and Chinese lawyers have taken part in the exchange to date. They meet on equal terms and learn from each other, thereby strengthening international relations.
RBK and IKP – Uniting Healing and Research
Robert Bosch Hospital (RBK) and the Institute for Clinical Pharmacology (IKP) demonstrate that first-class medicine and professional, personal care are not mutually exclusive.
Learning in Stadiums – Using Soccer to Educate Kids and Teens
With the Learning in Stadiums project, the Robert Bosch Stiftung uses the excitement of soccer to generate interest in politics among young people who are seldom reached using conventional educational approaches.
Deutsch-Bus – Culture Sharing on Wheels
The aim of the project, German on the Road – ALMANCA YOLLARDA: Deutsch-Bus in Turkey, is to generate interest in the German language. In this way, the Robert Bosch Stiftung is communicating a contemporary image of Germany to Turkish schoolchildren.
Equal Opportunities! – Cultural Diversity as a Resource in Early Childhood Education
The Equal Opportunities! project demonstrates that cultural diversity is not a handicap, but an opportunity – and ensures that all children have the same educational opportunities from the very start.
Media Mediators – Temporary Correspondents
The Robert Bosch Stiftung allows young journalists to spend three months in editorial departments abroad and thus become mediators between nations.
grips gewinnt – on Track for University
With the scholarship program, the Robert Bosch Stiftung has dedicated itself to promoting equal educational opportunities in Germany – so that children can effectively develop their talents regardless of their financial means or social environment.
The Adelbert von Chamisso Prize – Award-Winning Literature
The Adelbert von Chamisso Prize acknowledges writers whose work is characterized by culture change and enriches our literature through cultural diversity.
Youth Ambassadors from Japan – Building Bridges Around the World
As youth ambassadors, Japanese schoolchildren gain insight into German culture and everyday life.
2°Campus – Generating Interest in Climate Protection among Future Researchers
This project was created to win over young people for a career in science, so that Germany can maintain and expand its position as a location of science.
Land Reclaimers – Shaping the Future Locally
The program acknowledges people who, with their own initiative, promote quality of life in the declining regions of eastern Germany.
Change Your Viewpoint – Young Researchers Help Shape the Future
With the Change Your Viewpoint program, the Robert Bosch Stiftung promotes research approaches and offers that help to maintain independence and quality of life in old age.