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Photo: Björn Hänssler 
Thanks to the Robert Bosch Stiftung’s help, the field of nursing care in Germany has gone through an intense process of professionalization, and many of those in need of care as well as the industry’s workers continue to benefit from this.
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The Foundation’s 1992 position paper "Care Needs Elites" on the need for degree programs for teachers and managers in the field of nursing accelerated the nationwide establishment of academic structures in Germany. The event in honor of the paper’s ten-year anniversary was held in Stuttgart in 2002.
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In order to train nursing professionals for academic activities, the Foundation established a scholarship program. Scholarship recipient Mathias Pfisterer worked at Bethanien Hospital in Heidelberg.
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Photo: Susanne Kern 
With its sponsorship award for nursing schools, the Robert Bosch Stiftung helped achieve advancements within the vocational training program. Dieter Berg, former member of the Foundation’s Board of Management, presents the award for the years 2003/2004.
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Photo: Thomas Köhler 
At a press conference in Berlin, a team of experts presented two new studies on care by the Foundation. Rudolf Herweck from the German Centre of Gerontology (second from right) attended the event.
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Photo: Björn Hänssler 
"People in the Community Living with Dementia" is one of around 140 different dementia projects carried out by the Foundation. Among other goals, the projects promote the interaction between people with and without dementia.
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Photo: Michael Hagedorn 
The Palliative Care Curriculum is geared toward supporting elderly dementia patients. It enables providers of nursing and elderly care to acquire basic skills and knowledge in the practical application of palliative care.
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Photo: Robert Thiele 
Aspiring physicians, care providers, and therapists are prepared for interprofessional collaboration in their future day-to-day work lives in the program "Operation Team - Interprofessional Learning in Health Care Professions."