Forschung auf Spitzenniveau
Photo: Björn Hänssler 
The Dr. Margarete Fischer Bosch Institute for Clinical Pharmacology (or IKP) is the largest scientific research institution for clinical pharmacology in Germany.
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Photo: Björn Hänssler 
The renowned head of the Institute, Professor Matthias Schwab, is one of Europe’s most quoted experts in the field of pharmacology and pharmaceutics.
Forschung auf Spitzenniveau 3
Photo: Björn Hänssler 
The Institute began its work in 1973 with four employees. Today the Institute employs around sixty-five research associates and over thirty doctoral candidates and M.A. students, who work on improving pharmacotherapy.
Forschung auf Spitzenniveau 5
Photo: Katja Zern, Thomas Frank, fotostudio m42 
Dr. Robert Jütte (second from left) and his team at the Robert Bosch Stiftung’s Institute for the History of Medicine, the only research institute not affiliated with a university that conducts research into the history of medicine.
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Photo: IGM 
The Institute’s archives contain countless essays, images, documents, and files. The internationally significant research library encompasses over 50,000 works.
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Photo: IGM 
The Institute also possesses a valuable homeopathy archive, which preserves the legacy of Samuel Hahnemann as well as key students and successors.