Bürgerschaftliches Engagement 1
Photo: Björn Hänssler 
The Robert Bosch Stiftung has supported civic involvement since its founding. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, around 12,000 volunteers in the federal states of the former East Germany have benefited from this support.
Bürgerschaftliches Engagement 2
Photo: Michael Panckow 
In the late 1990s, the Foundation’s activities played a key role in spreading the idea of a voluntary civil service for young people in Germany and Europe.
Bürgerschaftliches Engagement 3
Photo: Susanne Kern 
Seventy awards in 15 years - the "Journalistenpreis Bürgerschaftliches Engagement" (Journalist Award for Civic Involvement). The image shows the 2010 prize winners.
Bürgerschaftliches Engagement 4
Photo: Björn Hänssler 
The Responsible Citizens campaign showcased 150 committed people who take responsibility for themselves and others in our society. This campaign was launched in connection with the activities related to Robert Bosch’s 150th birthday in 2011.
Bürgerschaftliches Engagement 5
Photo: Susanne Kurz 
The Foundation supports many organizations in their professionalization activities. One example is the "Civic Engagement Requires Leadership" program, which is primarily geared toward association boards.
Bürgerschaftliches Engagement 6
Photo: Gustavo Alàbiso  
With the "Yallah! Dedicated Young Muslims" program, the Foundation supports young Muslims who want to actively volunteer by carrying out their own projects.
Bürgerschaftliches Engagement 7
Photo: Christian Stollwerk 
Thomas Winkelkotte is one of twenty current "Neulandgewinner" (Land Reclaimers). The Foundation is supporting him establish a ride-sharing program in rural areas.