Bosch Fellows 1
Photo: Sabine Braun 
Members from the 32nd year of the Robert Bosch Foundation Fellowship Program visit the Robert Bosch Stiftung in autumn 2015. Since its inception, over 500 Bosch Fellows have participated in the program, spending eight months in Germany working in business, politics, media, and other social institutions.
Bosch Fellows 2
Photo: Daniel Fleischer 
During excursions, the fellows become acquainted with Germany and Europe. As a result, they go back to their hometowns as ambassadors for Germany and play a valuable role in improving transatlantic dialog.
Bosch Fellows 3
Photo: Bildschön - Das schnelle Bildnetzwerk 
Politician Hans-Ulrich Klose from the SPD party speaking with fellows from the 23rd year of the program. The Bosch Fellows gain insights into German society and politics during intensive training seminars held over the course of several weeks.
Bosch Fellows 4
Photo: privat 
Michael Bocchini, fellow in 2008/2009, met Barack Obama during his candidacy for president. Many fellows hold influential positions in the United States today.
Bosch Fellows 5
Photo: Melanie S. Otto (Griffin Graphics Photography) 
The first year of fellows founded the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association. The association organizes regional events and annual get-togethers and holds panel discussions on transatlantic issues.
Bosch Fellows 6
Photo: Melanie S. Otto (Griffin Graphics Photography) 
Members of the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Association celebrate the twenty-year anniversary of the fellowship program in Washington, D.C. Guest speaker was former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
Bosch Fellows 7
Photo: Russel K. Pace 
In addition to the fellowship program, the Foundation has also developed further German-American initiatives. At the Congress-Bundestag Forum, members of the German Bundestag and the American Congress discuss current issues.