2012 Leipzig Book Fair

  • "The new wall between Europe and Non-Europe obstructs our view of the unbelievable cultural riches of regions in the East, the diverse literatures and literary scenes which we know much too little about. So it is primarily up to us to create initiatives, catch up with the things we’ve missed, and fill in the gaps."

Martin Pollack

You’re invited to an exciting adventure into the world of books! The Robert Bosch Stiftung views literature as an important instrument for fostering international understanding. A number of the Foundation's literature programs were presented at the Leipzig Book Fair. The regional focus "Tranzyt" transported literature from Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus to Leipzig, and put the spotlight on the realities in these countries beyond the political headlines, illuminating them in all their complexity and contradiction.

Portraits of the Authors

Michael Stavarič
Anita Back
Ilir Ferra
Michael Ebmeyer
Akos Doma
Michal Hvorecky
Michael Braun
Alhierd Bacharevic
Thomas Weiler
Olga Grjasnowa

Picture Gallery

The Blog about the Book Fair
Mirko Schwanitz, Jutta Schwengsbier, and Maximilian Grosser were at the book fair for us, conducted interviews and reported directly from the events.
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