December 2012

SEE New Perspectives

A photo exhibition from Southeastern Europe offers new perspectives on changing circumstances: pictures tell thousands of words and travel further.

Public Awareness for Voluntary Work

Prize-winning articles, news reports, and editorials that focus on how and why people voluntarily assume responsibility for themselves and others.

Schule trifft Wissenschaft

In Cottbus entwickeln naturwissenschaftlich-technisch begabte Schüler am Lehrstuhl für Physik Lautsprecher, die bei Menschen Gefühle wecken. Dafür gab es den Hauptpreis 2012 von "Schule trifft Wissenschaft".

Is Our Genom Our Medical File?

In the first seminar of "Diving into Science" journalists got to know how cutting-edge molecular biology and genetics play a key role in shaping the medicine of the future.
November 2012

The German Senior Citizens’ Awards

With the German Senior Citizens’ Awards, the Robert Bosch Stiftung honored the best ideas from and for senior citizens in Germany.

Voting Behavior and Changing Values

Do Germans believe that their decision at the voting booth can have an impact, or are they increasingly turning their back on politics? These were the key questions which Renate Köcher addressed at the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Crisis Facing Young People in Europe

In Spain one out of two young people between the ages of 15 and 24 does not have a job. Professor Jutta Allmendinger made a plea to combine educational, labor market, and social policies in Europe.

Successful "Father"

The co-production "Father" between Bulgaria, Croatia, and Germany has been awarded with the "Golden Dove" at DOK Leipzig - International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film.

A Return to Long-Term Thinking

2012 State of Europe Address: Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, sees the Nobel Peace Prize for the EU as a mandate to end the short-term political gesturing.

Cultural Incubators × 108

Through their cultural projects, they have enriched the German cultural scene and supported the cultural exchange: graduation ceremony for the Cultural Managers from Central and Eastern Europe in Berlin.
grow green india

Car sharing and organic farming: Indian journalists visited Germany and carried out multimedia projects dealing with sustainability: ""
October 2012

Cinema Caravan

A converted caravan with bilingual short films in the South of France - just one of four prize-winning German-French project ideas: "On y va" - German-French program for socially committed citizens.

Bringing Talent to this Country

Welcoming the tenth batch of students to the program "Talent im Land". Ten years of expanding horizons. 1.000 examples of sucessful integration in Germany.

Junge Forscher gestalten die Zukunft

Möchten Sie auch im Alter möglichst selbständig und gut leben? Junge Forscher gestalten unser langes Leben - ein Blickwechsel.
September 2012

Frankfurter Buchmesse 2012

Die Buchmesse bot Gelegenheit, anderen Kulturen auf literarische Weise zu begegnen und den eigenen Horizont zu erweitern. Wir waren mit unseren Literatur-Programmen in Frankfurt dabei.

Franco-German Year Kicks Off

After the Franco-German Year kick-off event at the Foundation, high-school and college students gave politicians their recommendations: "It’s our Europe."

An Excellent Idea

The Foundation has been working in conjunction with the Bundesliga-Stiftung to fund centers of civic education in soccer stadiums. The project was honored as an innovative idea in Germany.

The Changing Face of China’s West

Editors in chief of German and Chinese media outlets discussed current issues related to the rural area of China. The forum was held in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in southwest China.
July 2012

Jolie at Sarajevo Talent Campus

Young German producers traveled together with the team of the Co-Production Prize to the 6th Sarajevo Talent Campus. Looking for project ideas they met with young talents from the region - and with Angelina Jolie.

Economics, Currency, and Energy

EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger visits the Foundation. Oettinger supports reforming decision-making structures in the EU as a result of the current debt crisis..

Media and Politics: Disparate Brothers

Journalists need to "have the freedom to say anything - so that politicians do not have the freedom to do everything." Dr. Theo Sommer from the weekly Die Zeit on the interrelationship between media an politics.

I Want Europe

A clear commitment to Europe - we started the initiative "I Want Europe" in cooperation with foundations and media partners.

Tour d'Allemagne: FranceMobil 10

Claire Stiévenard is visiting kindergartens and schools across Germany with the FranceMobil. Her mission is to raise the interest in French language and culture.

ESOF 2012 in Dublin

The Euroscience Open Forum 2012 (July 11-15) was a special event for the Foundation because AcademiaNet was officially presented to the English-speaking world. We also had a booth at ESOF.

The New Berlin Representative Office

Die Robert Bosch Stiftung hat eine neue Repräsentanz in Berlin-Mitte. An der feierlichen Eröffnung in der Französischen Straße 32 unter dem Motto "Wir kommen in Ihre Mitte" nahmen rund 200 Gäste teil.
June 2012

The Magazine "Gesundheit"

In this issue, you will get to know several people who all have one thing in common - they are all trying to go in new directions in different areas of the German health care system.

An Officer in the Legion of Honor

The French ambassador to Germany, Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, presented the order of Officer of the Legion of Honor to Dr. Kurt Liedtke in the name of the French president on June 8, 2012.

2012 German School Award

15 schools from all over Germany were nominated for this year's German School Award. Six of them were honored in Berlin.
May 2012

You Have the Power

Senta-Sofia Delliponti beat her GZSZ colleagues in a special edition of "The Perfect Celebrity Dinner" (VOX). The young actress donated the prize money to the media initiative "You Have the Power," which works to get young people involved in politics.

German-Polish Media Days

Journalists and renowned experts discussed how Europe can remain in the "Champions’ League" politically and economically. In addition, three journalists received the 2012 German-Polish Journalism Award.
April 2012

"A Stepping Stone for My Later Career"

Six years ago, Sebastian Leutner won the Co-Production Prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung - followed 2012 by the Oscar.
March 2012

Using Rainforest Areas Sustainably

Dr. Jan Börner is Robert Bosch Junior Professor 2012. He will develop strategies for the sustainable use of tropical rain forests in Brazil.

bei uns daheim ("at home here")

The living environment of many Muslims often remains quite foreign to non-Muslims. Now a group of young reporters has researched and publicized stories from the daily lives of Muslim citizens living in Baden-Württemberg.

Tunisia - A New Beginning

The Arab Spring began in Tunisia. How is the country doing a good year after the ousting of dictator Ben Ali? German and French journalists visited the country to see for themselves.

2012 Leipzig Book Fair

You’re invited to an exciting adventure into the world of books! A number of the Foundation’s literature programs were presented at the Leipzig Book Fair - accompanied by our weblog.

"Politics Need to Change"

What do we need to learn from Stuttgart 21? And how should we organize citizens’ participation in political decisions? Minister-President Winfried Kretschmann provided answers at the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

17th Film Festival Turkey / Germany

From March 1 - 11, 59 films are shown, providing a deep insight into the artistic works of both countries. This years Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Tarik Akan.
February 2012

First Political Debate in a Boxing Ring

Youth stars will be taking their fans’ questions and confronting politicians with young people’s themes - in a boxing ring.

Fit für demographischen Wandel

Zwölf Kommunen aus Baden-Württemberg wurden für überzeugende Konzepte einer demographieorientierten Personalpolitik in ihrer Verwaltung von einer Fachjury ausgewählt.

"India's Incredible Opportunities"

India will soon be the most populous country in the world and offers a wide variety of appealing and previously undiscovered topics. A research trip to India by young, aspiring German journalists.
January 2012

Auftakt der Dialogreihe Magnet China

Mit Bundeskanzler a.D. Helmut Schmidt und dem Direktor des Center for Global Studies an der Universität Bonn, Professor Dr. Gu Xuewu

Living well with Dementia

On January 16, 2012, ten inspirational projects received the "Living well with Dementia in the Community-Awards" in Brussels. The award-winning projects are situated in eight different European countries.

Study: A Tale of Two Cities

A study on dealing with schools in high-need areas: A Tale of Two Cities - Education Reform in New York City and Berlin.

The 2012 Adelbert von Chamisso Prize

According to the jury, particularly Michael Stavaric's latest novel "Brenntage" has enriched contemporary German prose in a linguistically original way.
Lesen macht Spass

Pop Star Celebrates Reading Party with Children

The wide-ranging educational campaign supported by Radyo Metropol, the Robert Bosch Stiftung, and the Stiftung Lesen (Foundation for Reading) included daily programs between March and May on all aspects of reading. As well as editorial reports from experts, there were short spots with celebrities and the campaign also had its own cartoon mascot, a little mouse called Mauscuk.