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Dear Readers,

Asia is a continent of superlatives. Totaling 44.6 million square kilometers, it covers one-third of the earth’s entire land mass. More than four billion people live in Asia – 60 percent of the world’s population. And over the last few decades, following Japan, other Asian countries have also grown into economic powerhouses. Their economic success gives China and India the political and geostrategic importance today that they have long deserved as a result of the size of their populations. This is why futurologist Matthias Horx is not the only person who believes that we stand at the beginning of an Asian age. What does that mean for a foundation that has focused on international understanding since its founding? What part can it play in ensuring that Asia’s rise (or rather, comeback) ends in a peaceful and productive relationship?

The most important aspects are – and this is not surprising and yet by far not a given – sharing information with one another and personal interactions as equals. With its programs in China, India, and Japan, the Robert Bosch Stiftung tries to achieve exactly that. The foundation primarily relies on young people and audiences that act as key communicators and decision makers to shape the future in their countries.

The interactions with these people often have a beneficially destructive effect – on the clichés in the minds of the participants. This is what German students who work together with young Indians on environmental projects experience – just like the judges from Brandenburg who hotly discuss the rule of law and its application in day-to-day judicial activities with their colleagues from Inner Mongolia. This magazine takes you inside these and other interactions in the hope that the articles will also add a few new sides to your image of Asia. I hope you have a great time reading!

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