News Overview 2013

Terézia Mora Wins German Book Prize

Photo: Yves Noir
The Chamisso award-winner Terézia Mora was awarded the 2013 German Book Prize for her Border Crossers novel "Das Ungeheuer" ("The Monster")

In 2011, Terézia Mora received a Border Crossers scholarship from the Robert Bosch Stiftung for her research for this book project. On her extended Border Crossers journey, she drove about 5,000 kilometers by car and also traveled by plane. The trip took her from Berlin through the Czech Republic to Slovakia, from Austria to Hungary, and then even further south through Slovenia to Croatia. In September 2011, Mora traveled by plane and rental car through Albania. During her travels, she gained an exact idea of what her protagonist Darius Kopp would see and experience. In October 2011, she again traveled by plane and rental car to Georgia and Armenia. In November 2011, she went on another research trip to Athens, in early 2012 to Turkey and Bulgaria. "Without all these trips, I would not have been able to write 'Ungeheuer' in good conscience. I also see this in the fact that up until now, I have only been able to validly work on the chapters that take place in locations I have already been."

In 2010, Terézia Mora also won the Adelbert von Chamisso Prize for her previous novel "The Only Man on the Continent," which tells the earlier story of her protagonist, computer nerd Darius Kopp. Terézia Mora describes and herself lives out border crossing experiences, both in German and her own language. She is originally from the Hungarian town of Sopron on the Austrian border, and as a result has been crossing borders between the Hungarian and German languages since her childhood.