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From Berlin to Jeddah:

The first German-Saudi hip-hop song

"From Berlin to Jeddah" is the first German-Saudi hip-hop song. The track is the product of the "Jeddah Hip Hop Jam" organized by the Robert Bosch Cultural Manager Christian Strob in Saudi Arabia. The event brought together internationally renowned German hip-hop artist Max Herre and the Saudi rap star Qusai as well as talented local hip-hop groups.

Jeddah Hip Hop Jam

The "Jeddah Hip Hop Jam", which took place from January 27-30, 2013, helped to broaden the horizons of what had previously been considered possible in the cultural landscape of Saudi Arabia and set new standards. Firstly the entire emerging Jeddah hip-hop scene was brought together for three days of workshops. Around 60 up-and-coming rappers took up the unique opportunity to work with Max Herre, his DJ Samon Kawamura and Qusai, to network, present their own tracks, and, with inspiration from new beats, to showcase their abilities in Arabic-English-German freestyle sessions.

Song Production

The audible result of this open artistic collaboration is the song "From Berlin to Jeddah". From the beats through to the German-Arabic-English lyrics, the track was written, recorded and produced in the three days of intensive collaboration between Max Herre, DJ Samon Kawamura and Qusai, along with the emerging young talent of the group Jeddah FAM. The finished song was presented live at the first public hip-hop concert in Saudi Arabia. The closing concert on January 30, 2013 was the highlight of the Jeddah Hip Hop Jam. The emerging groups Jeddah FAM and Run Junction performed alongside Max Herre and Qusai with support from their DJs to an audience of around 600 participants from all backgrounds.

"From Berlin to Jeddah"

The release of the song "From Berlin to Jeddah" will be celebrated with a launch event on September 25, 2013. The city’s talented young hip-hop artists will once again have the chance to showcase what they can do before an audience in an open-mic session. After this the CD single and accompanying YouTube video clip will be presented by Qusai as a reflection of the entire artistic process involved in the "Jeddah Hip Hop Jam".

Picture Gallery

Studio recordings: Max Herre and Qusai
"Timba" from Jeddah FAM
Hip-hop workshop with Max Herre
Participants of the workshop
Qusai aka don Legend the Kamelion
Max Herre
Musicians and staff
Launch event in Jeddah
Launch event in Jeddah

Music Video


From Berlin to Jeddah

German-Saudi hip-hop song by renowned German hip-hop artist Max Herre and the Saudi rap star Qusai as well as up-and-coming local hip-hop group Jeddah FAM.