Lernen macht stark!
Migration and Inclusion

"Lernen macht stark! Education is Power!"

High-quality education is the most important investment in the future of our children and our society. Students, teachers, and especially parents all need to get involved. Consistently supporting children during their free time helps make them more successful in school.

The multimedia campaign "Lernen macht stark!" ("Education is Power!") assists German-Turkish parents in supporting their children, with experts and celebrities providing practical suggestions and information on topics such as education, school, media literacy, and language instruction. These reports will always be played between March and May for a period of ten weeks on the radio and on television, as well as published in print and online media outlets.

"Lernen macht stark!" is an education campaign carried out by Metropol FM, the Robert Bosch Stiftung, and the Stiftung Lesen (reading foundation). In addition, over 30 public and private institutions, and countless private individuals are also involved in the campaign – from Turkish-language newspapers and TV networks to universities and publishing companies to parent associations, zoos, theaters, and schools.


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