2°Campus - Our Climate, Your Future
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2°Campus - Our Climate, Your Future

In order to limit global warming to under 2°C in comparison to preindustrial-age levels, we need to drastically reduce greenhouse-gas emissions between now and 2050. At that point, today’s youth will be the decision makers in our society. That is why it’s important that students today become familiar with possible solutions for creating a society that emits a low level of greenhouse gases.

The 2°Campus student academy provides a deeper look at climate change. It has been carried out once every year since 2012 by WWF Germany for students between 15 and 19 years of age. The students learn about topics related to climate observation and simulation as well as green technologies. Together with their scientific mentors, 2°Campus’s participants work on their own research projects. They can select a project related to energy, living, nutrition, or transportation. The academy also covers political and social aspects of climate change. In this context, the students meet with high-caliber experts.

Within the scope of 2°Campus, the participants can learn about areas of study and professions in which they can expand their personal commitment to environmental protection into prospects for a career in a scientific and technical field.

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