Change of Scene
International Cultural Exchange

Change of Scene

International artistic partnerships for the performing arts

In cooperation with the International Theater Institute

The schedules of theaters here in Germany are dominated by works from the "Western World", despite there being significant interest in aesthetic and social developments in other regions. This is due to a lack of contacts, language barriers, and the additional effort involved. Nevertheless, theaters are open to international partnerships.

The goal of Change of Scene is to open up the German theater landscape to authors, directors, and artists from Central and Eastern Europe as well as North Africa. By working together on transnational projects, theater professionals can gain wide-ranging intercultural experience, creating stable international contacts in the process. Because the theater is an event with universal appeal, it is particularly suited to making international understanding something that everyone can experience.

Application deadline: February 15 of each year

Program Website

More information on "Change of Scene" can be found on the program's website:

Current Applications

Call for applications from 11.15.2017 – 02.15.2018


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