Operation Team - Interprofessional Learning in the Health Care Professions
Education and Training for Health Care Providers

Operation Team - Interprofessional Learning in the Health Care Professions

In our society of long lives, the health care system is faced with major challenges such as a changing range of diseases, more complex care processes, and financial and human resources becoming increasingly tight. As a result of these challenges, the qualifications of all specialists working in the health care sector must meet new demands. In addition to professional skills specific to certain occupations, communication skills and the ability to work together in a multiprofessional team are becoming increasingly important. Up until now, however, training programs have not sufficiently prepared aspiring physicians, care providers, and therapists for the multiprofessional collaboration that will take place during their future day-to-day work.

Program Description

In our support program, Operation Team – Interprofessional Learning in the Health Care Professions, we have made funding available for the development and implementation of interprofessional learning units for health care professionals. We campaign for the fact that the future health care professionals are already trained in interprofessional team work during their education and can learn the skills and abilities necessary for a good cooperation. Therefore a successful cooperation must be learnt and need to be trained actively!

Currently we support eight projects in form of regional cooperations in Greifswald, Berlin, Lübeck, Jena, Munich, Bochum and Mannheim. The projects differ in their content and theme focus, in the structure of the interprofessional learning units, in the target group constellation as well as in the institutional cooperation. Important is the concurrent understanding of interprofessional learning as a process, in wich different health care professionals learn with each other, from and about one another to improve their team work and cooperation and therefore the patient’s care.


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