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Diving into Science

Dementia, swine flu, genetic engineering - these issues make headlines. They are relevant to society, and because of this they leave the science section and wander onto the politics and business pages. This is already true today and will only occur at an increasing rate in the future.

The Robert Bosch Stiftung and the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina want to prepare editorial departments for this trend to ensure that the quality of news coverage related to scientific issues remains high. As a result, they are launching a seminar program for journalists entitled "Diving into Science." The program is geared toward experienced journalists active in all forms of media who do not have a scientific background yet are interested in learning about the science behind the stories in an extremely effective way. The program offers 15 journalists the opportunity to gain knowledge and the tools of the trade right from the source.

The program’s slogan is "Dive in and go deeper," and in line with this idea, the participants will meet with a select group of internationally recognized scientists and experienced scientific journalists within the scope of carefully organized program. In doing so, they will establish their own network of expert scientists and scientific institutions and will be introduced to special means of conducting scientific research for their own journalistic pursuits. The goal is for the participants’ editorial departments to benefit from this as well by improving the quality of their reporting on scientific issues.

In addition to five interesting seminar events held at renowned research institutes (each lasting two to three days), the program also includes a personal consultation with experienced scientific journalists as well as a scholarship valued at 3,000 euros for individual research trips.


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