The Magazine "Gesundheit" (No. 12, 2012)

From the Editor
In Germany around 500,000 doctors take care of our well-being, assisted by around four million employees who work in the health care system. For the severe cases, hospitals have around half a million beds available. And each year the pharmaceuticals industry sells drugs here worth around 40 billion euros. All for our health. Few people on Earth are as well cared for as we are. So why does a foundation need to be active in the field of health?

One reason is definitely our tradition. Robert Bosch wanted to relieve people’s suffering. That is why he was a champion for excellent health care. Among other things, in 1940 he financed the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart. Today this hospital and the associated institute for high-tech medicine stand for state-of-the-art care concepts and cutting-edge research.

But excellent health care means much more to us. It is also a structural issue. When more and more people suffer from chronic diseases or dementia, they and their families need flexible and reliable support. Our health care system simply is not designed for this, however. We lack networks comprised of both professionals and volunteers. And this is particularly true in rural regions, where young people leaving these areas is having an effect today, even before the effects of general demographic changes have taken hold.

How does the health care system need to change to meet the needs of an aging population? How will this affect vocational training programs and advanced education and training for professionals? What precautionary measures should be taken today? These are abstract questions that demand concrete answers. In this issue, therefore, you will get to know several people: a young woman with diabetes, a county commissioner, the medical director of the Robert Bosch Hospital, and a woman who cares for her mother. They all have one thing in common - they are all trying to go in new directions in different areas of the health care system.

The Magazine "Gesundheit"


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